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Inner Demons Review

For Article Wednesday, we will be reviewing Inner Demons, another found footage film about possession. Go figure. But is the twist this film offers enough to retain a devent ranking on our Horror Criteria?

As I was an aspiring graphic designer in my college days (I can feel the psychiatrists salivating at breaking down that mental descent), I could sit here and critique this poster for an hour and a half. Well, I won't for an hour, but I will briefly discuss it. I love the symbol in the middle. Heroin needles surrounded by a circular line of cocaine forming the pentagram. That and the title and you have this movie. Exactly what a poster should do. Convey the message creatively. "Exorcise caution" is a nice little tagline. It's clever enough that it earned half a chuckle. Most taglines don't seem to even try anymore, so I consider that a victory. Lastly, don't reverse letters for no reason. That's just trying to make something creative out of nothing. Overall, not bad for a c-class horror film.

Now, for the film itself... The production simply doesn't hold up to the intriguing plot. I loved the twist of the film, but sadly, the rest of the film plays out like a broken record displayed in countless previous entries. The Taking of Deborah Logan, Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism, The Devil Inside, Apartment 143...the formula is so saturated it melts right through the bottom of the barrel of originality. And those are just hand-cam possession movies. Sadly, it makes many of the shots predictable and inducing more yawns than gasps.

Which is truly disappointing because the plot was so interesting. A girl becomes possessed by a demon and uses drugs to suppress the demon's control over her. When she is put into rehab, the demon begins to take control. What an interesting concept! I loved the idea, but the execution was sub-par with mediocre acting (even by indie horror standards) and color-by-numbers directing. The film took a fairly original idea and through it in the generic found footage blender with every other demon film of the past decade.

However, despite an unoriginal direction, I can say I would still rather recommend this film over most of the aforementioned possession films because it does do a better job, overall, of telling the story. But the sad truth is that Inner Demons wasn't first, and therefore was dragging itself through the mud of the mundane trying to hold onto coat tails that have no momentum. This film proves that even a respectable twist can't freshen up last week's Hot Pocket. This should be the public service announcement that these films need to stop. It's hard to produce kinetic energy when you have no potential left. Move on.

Horror Qualifier: 8/10

Horror Quality: 4/10

Film Quality: 2/10

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