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Sleep Tight Review

While sleep isn’t something Sickle and I ever do, as we are infinite beings from a plane located in a place that exists whether you believe in it or not. So watching a movie with sleep right there in the title was already something that didn’t hit home, much like Morrissey trying to pick between watching The Expendables or Cannibal Holocaust. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and use your new account to watch a movie.

I'll tell you this right off the bat: Sleep Tight has subtitles! If you like being distracted from actually watching a movie and having to read your way through, this thoroughly disjointing you from any sense of being scared, then you should definitely watch all foreign horror films. No, dear reader, I do not have strong feelings about subtitles in horror at all… anyways, be warned that you will have to read this movie.

However, this film's creepiness does not come from how the characters talk to each

other, which is a saving grace for any film that is foreign. This film is creepy because of the realism. As someone who has to empathize with humans watching these films I can only imagine a man drugging your body care products and then slipping into bed with you every night to cuddle is a horrifying thought.

The main stalkie (person being stalked) has so much trouble figuring out why so many bad things are happening in her life. She by far gets the worst treatment from Cesar, the concierge and main character of the film. She eventually finds solace in a new boyfriend, but even that doesn’t last long with Cesar watching and knowing their every move. This movie does something I really respect in movies; putting the bad guy at the forefront. You cannot tell if you are supposed to be rooting for him or hating him. “Yes make her new boyfriend look like a dick for finding you in her home uninvited….wait….”

As a demon, I respect Cesar’s obsession with schadenfreude. He truly believes he cannot be happy in life and thus feels it is necessary to make his tenants' lives horrible. “But Efrit, that sounds like every landlord, superintendent or concierge ever.” Yes, that may be true, but none of them put as much effort into researching all of their tenants greatest fears like Cesar does. That is why I truly think this movie creeps me out. The lengths at which some humans are willing to go to make others uncomfortable and not just kill your friends off to summon a demon.

Sometimes people with power will abuse it. Who can you trust? So next time you come home to your apartment or home and you see something out of place, just think about who might have been in there moving your stuff around. Who may be in there still waiting for an opportunity to maintain their unseen reign of terror on your mind, but slowly and subtly destroying your life one disgustingly dirty toothbrush prank at a time.

Horror Qualifier Rank: 8/10

Horror Quality Rank: 7/10

Film Quality Rank: 6/10

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