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Pale With Envy

So while Sickle is out doing whatever he does when he isn’t watching movies with me [Apparently Efrit doesn't understand the meaning of alibi - Sickle] I decided to take it upon myself to delve into horror television. So many shows are coming out right now that are based in horror that it was hard to choose; but, in honor of my co …um serial killer? Co-host? Co-reviewer, that's it! I chose Dexter. The cellophane-laden thumbnail on Netflix also drew me on the path to watch this show.

The very first episode starts off diving head first into the bloody and secret life of Dexter Morgan, by having you accompany him on a kill. You see the dark side of him first and foremost. They don’t sugar coat much in this show, as it is pretty dark. Then we see his other life. The one where he is a forensic blood spatter analyst for Miami PD. Seems like a great job for a serial killer! Dexter exists in this other world as a cover for his shady killing activities.

One of the best aspects of this show is the controlled chaos of the characters. Each one has their other life and their Miami PD life, and none of them are boring. Each character followed is also very important to the show as well. Dexter’s character is by far the most important of course. At this point you may be asking how he doesn’t get caught being a serial killer by working in a police department, the aspect of which is my favorite part of the series.

Dexter was trained by his father to follow a code. Pick a target, usually someone who has committed murder and they have gotten away with it, investigate the incident to make sure they are guilty, and kill them. Dexter is basically the Frank Castle of Miami… Oh man that would be a great episode. Anyways, the code Dexter follows and the training he was given by his father not only solidified his psychosis, but made him one of the most functional psychopaths you will ever see. He has fully integrated into society because that is how one would get away with it, look normal if you will. It is a cop teaching a serial killer how to get away with it; it is genius.

Throughout the season you are inside Dexter’s head A LOT. He has an inner monologue running next to the events of the show. This is an amazing thing, seeing inside the head of a killer while they partake in their other life. He talks about the things of life that seem so natural to human beings as difficult and oft-absurd concepts. Having no emotion is the crux of this development. He very much focuses on how he is unable to feel what other humans feel and this is great. It makes him seem like such a monster, but one that you have to love. He takes out the trash, never hurts anyone who didn’t “deserve it” and that is why the show is so intriguing.

The darker (yes there is darker) counterpart to Dexter is the Ice Truck Killer and the story of this interaction is the main plot of this first season and it makes it very intense. Watching their relationship unfold was fantastic and suspenseful and dramatic. I am very excited to see what happens in season two of Dexter, I am also excited to ask Sickle about the accuracy of some of the crazy stuff that happens and is said in the show . I mean, he would know what he was killing people for … well I don’t guess I’ll have to ask him that too. Check out Dexter Season One if you have not seen it yet, it is quite the journey.

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