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Sickle and I are excited to announce that we will be attending the most unholy of festivals in the best of places this year, of course I am speaking of the Telluride Horror Festival. We will be possessing a few unlucky individuals at the festival that takes place over October 16-18, in Telluride Colorado. Rather unsightly fellows, but we aren't ones to complain.


This is going to be a great time, and we cannot wait to see what movies will be at the festival this year. Speaking of films, there is still time to submit a film to be shown at the festival! Just follow this link here. This will be available until July 15th. Last year we saw some awesome films come out of this festival. The Babadook, ABC’s of Death 2, Closer to God, Creep and more were all films that had their debut at Telluride. We may have to do some hieromancy to figure out what movies will be there this year and give you some previews.

We have obtained our passes through the powers that be in Hell, but you can grab 3-day passes for 94 bucks. Since we lack the requirement of such necessities as conventional sustenance and rest, we will not need a place to stay, but if you do there are lots of places to stay up there as well.

We look forward to loitering around all of you without your knowledge and watching some great horror films. See you in October!


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