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X Marks the Plot


X-Files was such a brilliant show. It took the horror anthology concept made popular by The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits and encased it with relatable characters and an overarching alien plot. As proof to the connection that viewers had with the characters, the show did not last long after Duchovny and Anderson left. Their personalities enveloping the cases they solved were what made the show great.

The revival of the show in what seems to a equate to a mini series is both exciting and troubling. I'm not sure if I can connect in the same way if the series is more like an extended cut of the movie and not the winding, attention-deficient story delivered in the original series. I want to see them combat genetic experiments, solve the mystery to a moving statue, get possessed by ghosts of Christmas past. The meat of the show appears to be the alien plot, but I would argue that while the skeleton is the aliens, the musculature holding the bones in place is the standalone episodes.

Will the show hold its ground if it strays from the original series' concept? Most likely. We will both return to our previous mental investment in the characters and be enthralled by their return in whatever capacity. But a part of me, somewhere in my charred soul, will miss the good ol' days. And while so many shows have tried to pull off the feel and creativity of X-Files, none quite reached the bar that show set. Maybe even revisiting the X-Files itself won't be enough to return to that bar. Where's James Cameron when you need him?

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