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Double Dog Dare


Netflix has followed the method of HBO with their television series. Use the advantage of having no rules or boundaries to establish a good script first and foremost. The writing and acting, as a whole, in most Netflix originals is superb. House of Cards, while delivers little on the point of blood and scares, is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It's okay to respect a film or show outside of the genre, especially one that is as well constructed and conceived as House of Cards. Orange is the New Black, Peaky Blinders, Bloodline...Netflix is full of great original shows that are able to truly maximize the potential via no restraint and no fear.

No fear...That's what the new Daredevil series had, taking after its lead protagonist's motto. Since the Punisher films, Marvel has toned it down in their violence, intensity, and grittiness. This was two-fold. Most of the Marvel universe is geared to a more family-friendly audience anyways, and there is a loss in profits when you try to hit the niche between comic readers, action lovers, and age-restricting ratings. This hasn't been a problem for the most part. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America...none of them suffer the effects of PG-13 limitations. But eventually Marvel was going to have to face the adult-oriented characters of their universe as it continues to expand and evolve.

Daredevil became the first toe dipped back into the dark/gritty pool to test the waters of a more violent, realistic underworld of Marvel. And by all accounts, Daredevil dominated. What will likely end as one of the best reviewed Marvel products, Daredevil laid the groundwork for a whole second level of the Marvel onion. And it has the stench of glorious bloodshed and tangible, gripping atmosphere. Its success, both from a critical and entertainment perspective, has rumors spreading of Marvel being ready to jump into the deep end of this world.

With Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and the team-up Defenders series already on the docket, Netflix is already pushing or being pushed to produce a second season of Daredevil and bring the Punisher, Moon Knight, and maybe even Ghost Rider into a series. This would be fantastic. And by fantastic, I mean brutal. Moon Knight, essentially the mystified Marvel answer for Batman, would be a sight to behold for Marvel faithful and fans of Netflix originals. The brutality and grit he brings, with a tinge of horror for us who desire such things, would be a welcomed second course after our appetizers have tantalized our palate.

Daredevil was a bold and successful introduction into the Marvel television universe. It took none of the campy feel of SHIELD, and avoided the high school drama of DC staples Arrow and Flash. It was a new vision of comic book "cinema", one almost entirely oriented to a more sophisticated crowd looking for more substance and more relatability. I like where this is going...and maybe some day we can see Puniser and Moon Knight beat baddies to a pulp with their minds that belong in a psychiatrist's nightmares...or wet dreams...I'm not sure which.

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