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Due to a very successful demo and a stud cast and crew, Silent Hills is a much anticipated sequel of the Silent Hill franchise. But, as has been all-too-common of late, the game has been delayed. This time it is due to a pretty significant obstacle. Hideo Kojima, the game's producer, has had a rather startling falling-out with Konami. This break-up of sorts has been publicly unravelling for a few days and it has led to questions being brought up about Kojima's current projects, most notably Metal Gear Solid 5 and Silent Hills.

With Konami reassuring the public about the state of Metal Gear Solid 5, little such attention has been given to those of the Silent Hill persuasion. While the game is most likely not dead, it is in danger of being shelved or significantly delayed. This is, of course, sad news, considering the game's promise to deliver some great visuals, an engaging story, and the soul-wrenching scares we've come to expect.

This critic doesn't want to see one of the best horror video game franchises struggle, especially on the cusp of what appears to be a monumental step in quality horror gaming, but the reality is that the situation could pose a problem in development. And perhaps that's a good thing, as Pyramid Head isn't all that happy with Sickle's cynicism.

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