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"D" IS FOR...


"D" is for Dogfight is one of the most brilliantly written, directed, and performed anthology pieces I have ever seen. Though it was surrounded by some inexplicably pervasive and downright atrocious material, Dogfight was a diamond in the rough from The ABC's of Death. I went in to ABC's of Death 2 really hoping that some of the directors would take note of the more creative examples from the first. Sadly, I was not impacted as thoroughly as I was by the first film.

I found myself playing the mystery game throughout the anthology. Not simply to guess the word the director chose, but also to figure how the piece related to death. Sure, killing someone on screen does contain "death", but I wouldn't consider it a creative perspective on death itself. It could be argued my favorite piece doesn't describe death either, but it did have some very strong imagery.

It goes without saying that The ABC's of Death anthologies are not for everyone. Even the biggest gore enthusiasts may find themselves pushed to the edge of what they are willing to witness by the time they get to the end of the alphabet. At least the first anthology rewarded such bravery with sprinkled bits of brilliance. Part 2 packed a similar punch, but also lacked the gems I was hoping for.

In this critic's humble opinion, skip to "D" and "Q" from the first film, and "M" from the second film and you'll have seen the best the anthologies have to offer. Or, subject yourself to the whole thing and find your own favorites. In which case you are likely to run into one or two that you are pretty sure either killed some brain cells or permanently tainted your eyes. It's the price we pay as horror fans.

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