Stab By Numbers

Alone (2020) follows a young woman who packs up and leaves home following the suicide of her husband, and soon finds herself terrorized by a strange man while on the road. Alone Review Firstly, we want to thank Telluride Horror Show for this awesome opportunity to jump in early on one of the films for the upcoming 2020 festival! As THS will be virtual this year, we are all offered access to two advance screenings as a rehearsal of the event (Alone was the first, and the second is 12 Hour Shift on September 29th). The advance screening ran smoothly and perfectly and bodes well for the virtual festival to come! You can check out their Facebook page for more updates! We can't wait for this year

Social Distancing

Host follows a group of friends that perform a seance over Zoom, only to accidentally summon an evil entity that hunts them down one by one. Host Review Horror can adapt to almost any trend, circumstance, or cultural environment, and there is no further proof necessary than that of Host. This film is nothing more than a clever idea that was well executed with a modest (almost nil?) budget and some heart amidst times that simply aren't permitting to film productions. Much like Paranormal Activity, the film far exceeds the money available, and for that alone it should be commended. But just like the lauded Paranormal Activity, it doesn't mean there can't be flaws amidst the apparent obstacles.

Treading Water

Some films just try too hard to pay homage to films of old. The Barge People could be a good example of that, though saying that it was maki

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