The Anemic Door

The Pale Door follows a gruff gang in the old west as they intrude upon a mysterious town overrun with witches. The Pale Door Review To not judge a book by its cover is a statement that rings no more true than upon the viewing of The Pale Door film compared to its poster. An excellent comparison would be the awful cover of The Pact and the fantastic film it actually is. If you're following that analogy as intended, you will extract that The Pale Door was a rather disappointing movie that lacked much of the qualities necessary to produce a substantial and entertaining film, even in the realm of indie horror. So you tell me, which one looks like the better production?...Regardless, this isn't


Spree follows a sociopathic young man who uses an Uber-like service to commit acts of violence on people to increase his social media presence. Spree Review Spree is an erratic film that spends most of its time walking the tightrope between "found footage" slasher and horror-comedy, never settling on one instilled emotion or logical pathway. Instead of logic, we are quickly thrown into the perspective of the world from a disturbed young man (played brilliantly by Joe Keery, Stranger Things) who appears so desperate for attention through his social media outlets that he is willing to kill for it. It is equal parts extravagantly ridiculous and unsettling real. It's surreal, yet accurate to our

Mistaken Identity

Sputnik follows a woman who is brought to a top secret facility in 1983 Soviet Russia to analyze an astronaut whose body appears to be housing an alien creature. Sputnik Review Sputnik is another case of falsely attributed identity inspired by this modern day misguided propensity to misassociate present-day movies with esteemed classic cinema. The films fall victim to the impossibility of living up to the masterpieces that have become the standard of filmmaking in their respective genres. To be more specific...Sputnik was touted as the Russian equivalent of Alien, which puts such a massive burden of expectations that is more like stigma than hype. But the blame falls partly on me for naively


Yummy follows a buxom woman, her boyfriend and mother as they go in for an appointment at a plastic surgery facility for her breast reduction. After an age-defying experiment within the facility goes awry, they must try to survive the zombie outbreak and escape the building. Yummy Review When push comes to shove, Yummy struggles to separate itself from any other zombie film. It carries with it many of the same gruesome gags (though a few are taken to a new extreme), ethical/moral dilemmas, and post-apocalypse-induced character development. The effects work is in one of the higher tiers of zombie horror, which gives it an entertainment edge. It isn't afraid to let its gruesomeness cradle the

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