Walking the Tight Rope

Snatchers follows a young woman who becomes full-term pregnant overnight after sleeping with her boyfriend. Soon she gives birth to a violent creature that mentally controls any person it latches onto, and she and her best friend must find a way to stop it. Snatchers Review Snatchers has this dry, awkward humor and delivery that feels reminiscent of Kevin Smith's less-popular (and rightly so) works. I struggled to stay fully engaged, even though the slapstick viscera horror comedy with a creature would normally be right up my alley. The practical effects are commendable, but they quickly become stale with their repetitive movements and being intertwined with poor CG. In the end, it's enjoyab

Final [Girl] Review: The Lodge

The Lodge follows a father, his girlfriend, and his two children as they venture to a remote lodge in an attempt to bond the girlfriend with the reluctant children following the suicide of their mother. After the father leaves, the three remain stranded in the lodge during a massive snowstorm. As basic amenities break down, the children try to cope with their circumstances while the girlfriend's dark past starts to emerge. The Lodge Review Oh golly… how do I begin… While watching “The Color Out of Space” (what a trip!) a while back, I saw the trailer for “The Lodge”. I was immediately intrigued. There didn’t seem to be any obvious scares, so I figured maybe there’s more nuanced, psychologica

Tom Sizemore Cameo

Relic follows a Kay (Emily Mortimer) and her daughter, Sam (Bella Heathcote), as they go to Kay's mother's house in the woods after she goes missing. When her mother, Edna (Robyn Nevin) returns, she refuses to speak about where she was or what she was doing and begins behaving strangely. As weird happenings occur in the house, Kay and her daughter must determine if it's time for Edna to be moved into assisted living, or if something more sinister is at work. Relic Review Of course the monster movie fan in me sees the title Relic and immediately thinks of The Relic, which is just a blast of a monster movie from the late nineties. I love it so much in a guilty-pleasure sort of way, but Relic i


The Beach House follows a young couple trying to take some time off together at the young man's father's beach house. Upon arriving, an older couple (who happen to be friends with the father) have taken up residence in the house unexpectedly. While successfully coexisting in the home, an eery fog rolls in and begins to affect the environment, and the two couples, in odd and terrifying ways. The Beach House Review I've been dying to watch this movie since I read a vague yet promising review over a year ago that mentioned Lovecraftian themes and body horror practical effects. Since that review, the film had all-but disappeared, with ne'er a trailer or even screenshots gracing the internet. But

Final [Girl] Review: The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 follows the Warrens as they investigate a haunting in England. The Hodgsons family comes under attack from a malevolent entity, but there may be more sinister powers at work that the Warrens must unveil. **Contains spoilers!** I apologize for my absence. However, I am back and ready to review more Very Scary Movies™. The other night I had the opportunity to enjoy The Conjuring 2. After seeing The Conjuring a while ago (which, regrettably, I had seen before I became Final Girl), I was surprised at the level of production value the movie had. It had some good, chilling moments. Patrick Wilson is a versatile actor in a strong male role as Ed Warren and Vera Farmiga is lovely as

Ruptured Dreams

Rupture follows a single mom who is kidnapped by a mysterious group of people that is committed to bringing out her purest fear. She must escape their clutches before their sinister plot unfolds. Rupture Review What is there to say about a movie titled Rupture starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis and Peter Stormare about a secret organization that tries to unleash your darkest fears through torturous methods in order to unleash something from inside you? Doesn't that sound like a wet dream for Cronenberg fans? Don't fall into the trap like I did. It's not that at all. It's not Cronenberg. It's not body horror. It's not a good movie. I could probably just leave it at that, but it's worth di

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