Fear the Poo Pen

Come to Daddy follows a man (Elijah Wood) who visits his estranged father (Stephen McHattie) in his rural house on a beach after a receiving a letter of invitation from him. It soon becomes clear that something is off with his father and the whole situation and there is an ever-present feeling that the man's life might be in danger. Come to Daddy Review Elijah Wood has established himself as a champion of indie horror and Stephen McHattie ensured a place in my heart with his performance in Pontypool. So a movie starring the two of them sounds like a match made in heaven, and it is. There's this perfect blend of insanity and clarity, awkwardness and tension, violence and comedy...elements tha

Something Wretched This Way Comes

The Wretched follows a young man who struggles with his parents' imminent divorce and moving into a new home, only to find the mother/wife of the family next door has been possessed by a feral witch and is feasting on the people of the town. The Wretched Review To sum up The Wretched with a single analogy...Nosferatu is to Fright Night as The Witch is to The Wretched. Where The Witch is this subversive horror tale that speaks with the authentic voice of 17th century Massachusetts, The Wretched takes the familiar "evil next door" Rear Window and throws a feral witch into the lead antagonist role. Where The Witch is drab, unsettling, and character/script-driven, The Wretched lures with viscera

Lightbulb Feast Face

Dark Light follows a mother who tries to reclaim her innocence and her daughter after the daughter goes missing following a violent incident between the mother and father. Believing there is a supernatural or extraterrestrial force at work, the mother tries to prove the creatures assaulting her rural house are real while also confronting them to find her daughter. Dark Light Review What is there to say about arguably the worst movie I've seen this year? I hate to be so harsh, but Dark Light was difficult to get through. Considering that it looks like a decent budget was pushed around (relative to the low-budget horror industry), Dark Light is a failure of the promise that lies far beneath th


The Lighthouse follows two men who work as isolated caretakers of a lighthouse on a remote island. As they struggle with isolation and clashing with one another, things worsen with every given day. The two begin to lose their sanity and grip on reality, accelerated when their boat home doesn't arrive amidst a powerful storm. The Lighthouse Review Horror trends tend to come in waves, save for a few that never seem to leave (the undead will reign forever). The last several years have brought on a new trend that has, as far as I can tell, never existed before...and I like to call it, "highbrow horror". And, as the term may imply to some, I use it, somehow, flippantly and respectfully in equal p

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