Final [Girl] Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane follows a young woman who is seemingly escaping an abusive relationship when she is involved in a car accident. When she awakes, she finds herself within an elaborate bunker and her captor and self-proclaimed savior claims there is an apocalyptic scenario happening on the surface. The young woman must decide whether to trust the unusual stranger or try to escape. 10 Cloverfield Lane Review Setting the scene: We meet Michelle, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. We see her grab a few things (including a bottle of alcohol, which comes into play later) before exiting her apartment, leaving her engagement ring behind. As she’s driving away she gets phone calls from her fiance,

Quantum Bleed

Blood Quantum follows a group of Mi'gmaq survivors following a zombie outbreak. Immune to the virus' nasty effects, the group attempts to navigate the moral and ethical maze of the new reality and still find a way to survive. Blood Quantum Review Blood Quantum doesn't bring any fresh takes to the zombie genre. The zombies are a mix between runners and walkers, using the decomposition-over-time design to explain the range of speed of the undead. There is a group of survivors that are immune to the zombie disease. There is a semi-stable fortification that is coming apart at the seams due to inner conflict over how to handle outsiders. I said, nothing terribly original on the surface.

Final [Girl] Review: The Exorcist

The Exorcist guessed exorcist who attempts to expel a demon from a tortured girl. The Exorcist Review A film that has presumably petrified many eight-year-olds whose parents let them watch this movie much too young for their developing minds. A chilling story of demon possession. A top result when searching “scariest movies of all time.” Let’s begin... A priest is conducting a dig in Iraq. Okay, interesting, maybe he will unearth some ancient and cursed relic. Which he did! Great! This must tie in later! We see him fly back to the US, so he’s definitely going to play a big part in this movie right? Then we find a rich actress and her daughter living in a luxe home in Ge


Sea Fever follows a crew of fishermen and a tagalong scientist that fall upon a massive bioluminescent creature while out at sea. The creature latches onto the hull and members of the crew begin experiencing a debilitating, mind-altering illness. What is this monster and how can they survive the encounter? Sea Fever Review On paper, Sea Fever is my horror wet dream. I love scifi horror that spends its time researching and problem solving a mysterious creature or monster, particularly when there is thought and some semblance of realism put into it. Sea Fever does deliver on that front, as well as building powerful characters with engaging dialogue. Some of the motifs of characters feel contri

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