The Incident (2014) follows two seemingly parallel stories, each involving a group of people stuck in a time and space loop. Firstly, two brothers and a rogue cop are trapped in a stairwell with an infinitely replenishing vending machine and secondly, a family stranded on a stretch of road with an ever-replenishing gas station. Trapped in their respective loops, the people must try to get out or find a way to deal with their maddening predicament. The Incident Review I'll be honest, I feel like this movie was either too smart for me or too stupid. Movies like this are highly dependent on the ending to carry the value of the film. Psychological thrillers with a scifi element are some of my fa

The Wrong Homage

Trick follows a determined detective (Omar Epps) on his quest to stop a seemingly immortal serial killer named Trick. After is apparent death, mounting copycat murders continue to happen around Halloween. Convinced it is somehow still Trick at work, detective Denver tries to catch him before he kills again...and again. Trick Review Every horror fan loves Halloween and therein Halloween. It's a staple of horror and one that all slasher films are compared. But when you put your slasher during the dark holiday, the microscope zooms in even further. On the surface, the Halloween holiday seems like a gimme for horror success, but it actually poses a lot of issues. Halloween is the hallowed ground


M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters) follows a mom who begins recording her and her troubled son's life to give evidence to her son's sadistic and sociopathic behavior. As the young man's actions become more violent and scary, she must weigh whether her innate love for her son is or her urge to do what she think is right. M.O.M. Review This found-footage style horror/thriller takes a micro-budget that is shot almost entirely within the home of the two characters and turns in an admirable form of commentary on the seemingly increasing problem of troubled youth acting out in violent ways and the parents that often are held responsible. In this film, we get a layered yet uneven fictional portrayal of t


I See You follows a family (a detective father, a counselor mother, and their high school student son) as they navigate the tension of infidelity in the marriage, a serial killer in the town, and strange happenings within their house. I See You Review Despite good acting and an inevitably unique conclusion, I See You lacks the punch to make it a powerful product. Its plodding pace makes it drag in long waves throughout, but it manages to keep your attention because you know something is coming. The first "something" is halfway through the movie. The twist feels like something you'd see a film close with, but instead it's midway through the movie, and you realize that this particular twist is

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