10 Horror Movies to Stream Now

While the circumstances humanity has been forced to endure have been beaten to death, we choose to try and think on the bright side...Or the dark side, in this case...Quarantine isn't all bad. It gives us a little extra opportunity to catch some great horror across the streaming spectrum. As we discussed it briefly on our last podcast, here's a list of 10 horror film gems to watch on streaming services. To keep it interesting, I'm going to try to stick to exclusive content or lesser known films while avoiding things that had theatrical releases this century. We'll see how long I let those guidelines stand... Little Monsters (Hulu) - Hulu is currently boasting a throng of great horror films t

The Girl on the Third Floor

The Girl on the Third Floor follows a man who moves into a massive, dilapidated home with the intention of doing home repairs before his wife arrives. After giving into his carnal urges with a neighbor, things start to get weird and eventually horrifying within the house. The Girl on the Third Floor Review This was one I missed this past year when it played at Telluride Horror Show. Efrit was able to catch it and said it was a film with some fun visuals that struggled a little in the writing and acting departments. That brief assessment sums up the movie well for me too. Between E.T.-like musings with spheres rolling out of holes in the wall and a morally-absent protagonist, there is a decen

Final [Girl] Review: The Taking of Deborah Logan

Readers… I may have done it… I may have found a movie that gave me the creeps, one that made my imagination go wild with glee and fear as I ascended the stairs out of my basement. I lied awake envisioning something Very Scary™ looming in the shadows in my bedroom. My dear readers, I’m excited to present to you: My review of The Taking of Deborah Logan. At first, I felt the camerawork and style were difficult to get behind. Documentary-type filming, but the cast definitely felt like actors. Despair not, readers. As we’re introduced to the premise we become immersed in the storyline. Psychology students find a woman, Deborah, sadly afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. After some convincing, th

Something Invisible This Way Stalks

The Invisible Man follows a woman who escapes her abusive boyfriend in the middle of the night. The wealthy scientist then commits suicide weeks later. After he leaves his fortune to her, she begins to experience hauntings within her home that she is convinced is her ex-boyfriend through some means of invisibility. The Invisible Man Review It is my opinion that this is what remakes are all about. I praised the Child's Play remake for similar reasons, lauding the balance between homage and creative freedoms. The Invisible Man follows suit, though I suppose it admittedly strays far more onto the side of creative freedoms. But it's worth it in this case. The Invisible Man uses its premise to ut

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