Ice Cream Orchestra

Brahms: The Boy II follows a family of three as they attempt to recover from the trauma of a home invasion. The mother has persistent nightmares while the son refuses to speak following the incident. They attempt to find solace in the old estate from the first film, only for the son to come across the Brahms doll in the nearby woods. When weird and unsettling things occur around the doll, the parents must decide if it is their son acting out or the doll may be as sinister as its appearance. Brahms: The Boy II Review The Child's Play remake brought an interesting take to the killer doll subgenre, turning the Chucky franchise on its head with a film about the dangers of our dependency on techn

Take My Picture

Polaroid follows a group of friends who have their photo taken by a haunted polaroid camera. As they are killed off one by one by an entity attached to their photo, they must solve the mystery of the camera to survive. Polaroid Review Polaroid is standard mainstream Hollywood horror that ignores logic in the worst ways. There was little to salvage of value from the production, though I would put it above The Grudge (2020) and The Turning in regards to entertainment. At least things are moving along, however predictably and moronically. The fodder for the film is set up like a Final Destination sequel, as you know soon enough they'll be picked off one by one in an order that will eventually b

Furies Road

The Furies follows a group of women that awaken in the middle of a forest with a bunch of grotesquely masked killers. As they are picked off one by one, the reasons behind their capture and fight for survival become clear. The Furies Review In many ways The Furies feels like a blend between a slasher film and a single-room thriller (Saw, Exam, Circle). Half of the film is bloody dismemberment at the hands of sadistic killers while the other half is solving the puzzle of the why and how of the victims' entrapment. As our protagonist solves their predicament with each new discovery, we are treated to a new method to the madness, and it is absolute madness. The plot isn't horribly original when

The Final [Girl] Review: Paranormal Activity

Greetings readers, Today, this review is about a movie I thought for sure would frighten me. Found-footage style cinematography, unseen paranormal forces terrorizing people, unsettling imagery. I was so excited to feel fear. Spoilers: I didn’t. Guy and Girl (I’d try to remember their names but both the characters are vapid and boring so I don’t care) are dating and living together. It’s a known fact that Girl has been haunted in the nighttime by s o m e t h i n g ever since she was little- however this fact was only brought to light after they decided to move in together. My lord… this movie was a dumpster fire with almost zero redeeming qualities. Now readers, I don’t know about you, but

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