Trippin' Out of Space

Color Out of Space follows a family of five quietly living on a rural property when a brightly colored meteor impacts the front yard. Soon everyone in the house begins experiencing a gradually intensifying psychosis and the surrounding woodlands slowly begin to mutate. Can they find a way to survive the incomprehensible force that is manipulating their very reality? Color Out of Space Review The paradox of Lovecraftian or cosmic horror is that when it is translated well, it likely won't make any sense. When a meteor begins manipulating reality, including time, DNA, and human perception, there isn't much that is going to make sense. When you think about it, any cohesion would be breaking the

The Turn and Burn

The Turning follows a young woman who moves into a mansion home to care for the two children within. As dark happenings occur on the grounds, Kate becomes concerned that the place may be haunted and perhaps tainting the souls of the children. The Turning Review I consider it my fault that I went into this film unaware of the original novella's plot. Had I been aware, I could have maybe prepped my mind for being less disappointed in the dull story and its inevitably pointless happenings. A quick Wikipedia gave me the general story and it was even more wacky and drab than the 2020 adaptation. I was driven to know the original because the film was THAT bad in producing anything entertaining or

The Final [Girl] Review: Pet Sematary

'Pet Sematary' (2019) follows a family that moves to a rural home that happens to be close to an old, haunted burial ground. Upon resurrecting their cat from the burial ground's mystical earth, another tragedy befalls the family and they must choose whether or not their loved one should remain dead or come something else. Contains spoilers! I watched the trailer for the movie. Initial thoughts were, “Oh, another Stevie King movie. So basically another snore fest like The Shining or that one about the cornfields on Netflix.” We learn that a family moves to the woods and realizes there’s something amiss with their backyard. Something about an animal graveyard? Children ominously dres

Hold Your Breath

Underwater follows a crew of survivors on a drilling station at the bottom of the Mariana Trench following a devastating earthquake. As the station begins to implode and oxygen runs out, the crew must work together to find the remaining escape pods. But the fear of implosion and suffocation gives way to a foreboding presence outside of the station, where sinister creatures appear to be lurking in the black abyss. Underwater Review Okay, now I want a StarCraft movie...But, you know...good. And since that isn't likely to happen, I'll take these suits from Underwater as the next best thing. This film was far better than I expected, especially considering the initial reviews were largely scathin

Sickle's Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

With 2020 comes hope of another great year in horror. We had our work cut out for us last week when we had almost as many honorable mentions as entries in our top 10 lists for 2019, which is a testament to how awesome of a year it was across the spectrum of our favorite genre. On the surface, 2020 doesn't look quite as strong from an originality standpoint, but it has potential brewing nonetheless. Let's get to it! Top 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2020 The New Mutants Nothing about this production nightmare invokes a sense of confidence. But that's half the fun of looking forward to this film riddled with poor private screenings and a massive amount of reshoots. A less-than-promising

The Clickening

The Grudge (2020) follows a handful of families spanning several years as they are haunted by the rage of Kayako's ghost. As the stories unfold, two detectives attempt to solve a series of deaths centered around a single home. The Grudge (2020) Review What is there to say about a completely unnecessary remake of a remake? The Grudge (2020) is a remake of the 2004 iteration, which was itself an American remake of Ju-on. Remakes of foreign films tend to have an advantage over time-based remakes because they can be shot-for-shot rehashes and still bring something "new" to an audience unfamiliar with the foreign original, offering little more than cultural appeasement and the English language. T

The Final [Girl] Review: The Descent

The new addition to the S&E team, Final Girl continues her pursuit of a truly inspiring, frightening horror film...but as the Final Girl of her own slasher survivals, such films are hard to come by. In this review, she visited The Descent. **Contains spoilers!** Final Girl Review: The Descent The Descent introduces us to six shrill, annoying girls who have a plan to go caving. The group rappels down into a cave system that has never been charted before- but of course they find this out after they get stuck after a cave-in (pun intended). From there, we discover that there are cave-dwelling monsters out for blood- and the gaggle has to find a way out of these tunnels- and fast. I figured the

Sickle's Top 10 Horror Movies of 2019

It's been a rather enjoyable year in cinematic horror with some great mainstream releases and one of the best Telluride Horror Shows to date. I had a hard time squeezing in every film I wanted to, but that just speaks to the quality we received for our favorite genre. Efrit and I will be covering our top 10 films tomorrow on our podcast as well, so check that out! And, as is the case every year, we include the disclaimer that there is some gray area on release some of these films may have had a limited release in previous years while others may be getting a theatrical release in 2020. Sickle's Top 10 Horror Movies of 2019 10. Wounds One of the best modern Lovecraftian films, thoug

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