Rehashed Rage

Rabid follows a woman who is severely disfigured after a car accident and chooses to undergo an experimental stem cell treatment. When morbid side effects rear their ugly heads, she must try to figure out if it's all in her head or a terrible transformation within her. Rabid Remake Review Based on the film of the same name from body horror maestro David Cronenberg, this remake was helmed by the Soska sisters, who are most notably known for their film American Mary. Cronenberg's works are big shoes to fill for anyone, so to take on the daunting task of tackling one of his more well-known pieces outside of his Fly remake is a bit intimidating. The Soska sisters do handle the remake with enough

The Final [Girl] Review: The VVitch

The Witch follows a family from the 1600s that endures dark happenings that are believed to be committed by a witch in the woods, or perhaps their own daughter. **CONTAINS SPOILERS** Prologue As a self-proclaimed amateur film viewer, I pronounce that I'm only on the hunt to find a Very Scary Movie™. One which will rattle my senses and shake my feeling of safety to my bones. I crave suspense, thrills, or anything that will make me feel something and I’m willing to suckle at the teats of many a spooky mistress until I’ve gotten my fear fill. However, I’ve yet to experience a movie that would frighten me. For some comparison: the scariest part of Halloween is the social anxiety about whether or

Revisiting Reality

Daniel Isn't Real follows a young man, Luke (Miles Robbins) who reawakens his childhood imaginary friend, Daniel (Patrick Schwarzenegger), as his social struggles at college and a family tragedy come to a head. The charismatic Daniel proves helpful at first, but soon the dark side of Daniel reemerges and Luke must find a way to once again banish him from his reality. (Daniel Isn't Real is currently in select theaters and is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. Given the distribution rights Shudder holds in some regard, expect it on that platform as well sooner rather than later.) Daniel Isn't Real Re-Review I desperately wanted to revisit this film after seeing it at Telluride Horror Sho

A Different Shade

The Dark follows an undead girl who remains stuck in a flesh-consuming rage following her decades-old murder. When she comes upon a boy who has fallen to similar pains as her own past, she decides to care for him, leading her down an unexpected path. The Dark Review Before we dive into the review, a relatively short soapbox on horror categories: In this writer's personal opinion, genre films generally split in three directions at the trunk of the horror tree. All three versions are innately horror, but are vastly different in message and appearance. Those three branches are conventional, comedy, and arthouse. I must preface the coming thoughts with a confession that I have often applied nega

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