Top 8 Holiday Horror Movies

Admittedly, I was considering doing a top list of horror films around Thanksgiving, but there simply aren't enough around the holiday, let alone ones I've honestly watched. So instead I thought I'd extend the list to include all holidays. The gimmick of holiday-themed films is an embarrassingly common cash grab, particularly within the romance, drama, comedy, and horror genres. Once a year there seems to be at least one star-studded intertwined tale that is merely named after the holiday it represents. The schlock is as vomit-inducing as the guts spilled from horror camp of the same vein. And as shameless as they are, some of them can be quite fun, if not staples of horror. So here is my lis

The Formula

Creepshow (2019) is a Shudder remake of a campy horror anthology series of the same name. The show is hosted by a silent ghoul in a living comicbook style, as the entity introduces each story with a sadistic cackle. The stories range from monsters to men trapped in suitcases, but retain the signature campy style and heavy practical effects. Creepshow (2019) Review I'm late to the review, but not to the show. (Unfortunately, circumstances have pulled us away from recent reviews, but we appreciate your patience!) There is something truly special about this remake of Creepshow and Shudder managed to nail the aesthetic and style of the original while producing highly entertaining content for a n

War Stories

Nightmare Cinema follows the unsuspecting guests of a haunted theater run by a mysterious projectionist (Mickey Rourke). In an anthology format, each guest is forced to endure their worst nightmares on the screen. Nightmare Cinema Review After a strong run of acclaimed films like Sin City and The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke's meteoric rebound finally began to cool in recent years, now appearing in a B-movie horror anthology movie as the interconnecting story's villain. But I'm not complaining. I love Rourke and seeing him in a fun horror anthology film just made me thirsty for more when the credits rolled. The interconnecting was interesting enough. I found myself a little starved on the story f

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