Telluride Horror Show 2019: Second Wave

The second wave of feature films and short films was released for Telluride Horror Show and we couldn't be more excited about what was teased! There were even a couple of entries we were specifically crossing our fingers for and they ended up being previewed in this second wave! We'll take a look at some most-anticipated films from the second wave below. You can also check out the full list for yourself here! Feature Films Daniel Isn't Real This one seems almost like Fight Club for a new generation, as a young man summons his charismatic imaginary friend to help him through hard times, but Daniel begins to fight for control of the guy's body. This looks to be a character-driven piece with a

Sunshine Did It

Ad Astra follows an astronaut, Roy (Brad Pitt), who crosses the solar system in search of his father, following a disastrous event believed to be caused by his father's deep-space experiment. Ad Astra Review Despite positive-to-rave reviews, I have to admit that I simply didn't get the hype of this picture. I will certainly agree that the film's strengths are on display throughout, as Pitt gives a great performance and the visuals and story have depth and expanse. Yet, as I have soap-boxed in reviews past, when a film is primarily great, it makes the flaws all the more apparent and disruptive to the film, and this film boasted three fairly-large critiques. 1. I'll get right into my main comp

Freaky Friday

Freaks follows a young girl (Lexy Kolker) who is locked away in a dilapidated house by her controlling father (Emile Hirsch). As she is ever-tempted to go into the outside world, particularly by a mysterious man in an ice cream truck, she plans an escape to find a new family and finally have a mother. But the outside world, and even herself, are not all they seem to be. Freaks Review If the previews aren't enough proof, Freaks has nothing to do with the highly controversial 1932 film of the same name. This 2018/19 (depending on your release date) version is more like X-Men on arthouse steroids. Its plot is low-key, its setting claustrophobic, and its action limited. It's more about the chara

Somebody Stop IT!

IT: Chapter 2 follows 27 years after the events of the first film. The Losers club is all grown up and IT has returned to the town of Derry. Can they stop the malevolent being once and for all? IT: Chapter 2 Review Similar to Avengers Infinity War/Endgame, it's difficult to analyze IT Chapters 1 and 2 without each other. They are designed to be a single, fluid storyline with only a mild "ending" to the first film to give the audience some level of satisfaction of completion, but inevitably the goal is to see the true end to Thanos/Pennywise in the latter installment. So I believe the films should inherently be reviewed as a whole, at least to some degree. And as a whole, I consider the IT fi

Telluride Horror Show 2019: First Wave

The best month of the year is coming up. And the best part of that month has begun its enticing tease. The first wave of films/shorts for Telluride Horror Show have been released!!! You can follow the red link to view the shorts and films yourself, but we'll feature a handful that stand out at our first glance below! Telluride Horror Show will be October 11th through the 13th this year. It can't come soon enough! Get your passes here! Telluride Horror Show 2019: First Wave Feature Films 1BR Psychological horror can be a difficult thing to pull off, in great part due to the struggle to find a balance between the surreal and reality. An imbalance can take an audience out of the film or destroy

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