Split in Two

The Golem follows a woman in a small Jewish community around the 17th century who succeeds in summoning a golem to protect her people from a violent group of outsiders that blame her village for a plague that is tearing through the countryside. The Golem Review Like Efrit with the Wendigo, I have always had an interest in the golem mythos. It has had countless iterations over the years, from its origins as a Jewish symbol to a Pokemon. In its most common and recognized form, the golem is a large being summoned from entirely artificial or inorganic material to do the bidding of the summoner. The most famous story of the Hebrew golem follows a similar path, in which the golem was used to prote

Incident in the Real World

Incident in a Ghostland follows a teen girl, Beth (Emilia Jones, Crystal Reed), with dreams of becoming a famous horror writer in the shadow of HP Lovecraft. She joins her mother and sister, Vera (Taylor Hickson, Anastasia Phillips) in moving into an old house that belonged to a relative. After the family survives a brutal attack from two serial killers, Beth must find a way to move on from the traumatic event and pursue her dreams. Incident in a Ghostland Review This film is one to cover beyond merely critiquing its content. The film is known most famously not for its finished product, but for its controversial production. Actress Taylor Hickson sued the production company following the dis

Here It Comes

Ready or Not follows a new bride who is forced to play a deadly game of hide-and-seek on her wedding night. As her in-laws track her down through their massive mansion, she must find a way to survive the night or become the victim of a satanic ritual. Ready or Not Review I feel like it kind of snuck up on me, but the horror comedy has become a favorite subgenre of mine. From Tucker and Dale vs. Evil to The Cabin in the Woods, some of the most brilliant moments in horror since the turn of the century have been in horror comedies. They have thrills, they have laughs, they have rewatchability, and sometimes a deceptive amount of depth to the characters and commentary. A good chunk of horror com

Down the Drain

47 Meters Down: Uncaged follows a group of teenagers that become trapped in an underwater Mayan city with great white sharks that have evolved for lightless cave-like conditions. The blind monsters seek out the hapless teens as they try to find a way out. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Review Uncaged seemed persistent to distance itself from its predecessor. The Mandy Moore-led original lacked effective tension for most of its runtime and had a laughably predictable twist. Uncaged seemingly wanted to avoid a similar fate, so it chose to pull its concepts from horror tropes rather than the original film. Uncaged used tight camera angles, murky shadows, and sharks that move at the pace of Michael Mye

Imagine There's No Story

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (based on the book series of the same name) follows a group of teens who discover a book of scary stories in a notoriously haunted house in their town. When the book begins to write new tales of its own and kids go missing, the group must find a way to stop the book and its original creator before they themselves meet the same fate. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Review Despite a strong trailer, there were inklings that this film was going to be another dime-a-dozen mainstream horror flick that offers a methodical and predictable plot structure amidst a couple of scares. Unfortunately, that feeling came to fruition, as the sometimes-effective visuals are

A Mother's Instinct

I Am Mother follows a robot (mo-capped by Luke Hawker, voiced by Rose Byrne) that raises a young woman (Clara Rugaard) within a technologically advanced bunker after a supposed post-apocalyptic event. When a strange woman (Hilary Swank) arrives from the outside world and begins contradicting the robot's account of events, the young woman must decide who and how much to believe. I Am Mother Review I am a strong proponent for scifi as the genre for universal commentary. It can be used to bring unique perspectives and thought processes to philosophy, psychology, morality, ethics, religion...virtually any element of human experience or our perceived reality. And while I Am Mother's framework is

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