Deadtectives follows a group of scam artists who run a television show that fakes hauntings in clients' homes that believe they are truly haunted. After hiring a gruff practical effects ace to boost ratings, the group takes on a new case that may actually have more truth to the haunting than they are willing to believe. Deadtectives Review This premise isn't entirely fresh, which is probably why I left Efrit to tackle it at Telluride Horror Show last year. Grave Encounters follows a very similar premise, though it stays exclusively in its found footage style and quickly drops its comedic undertones. Deadtectives never backs down from its dark comedy approach, often using violence to deliver

Strangest Things

Stranger Things 3 is the third season of the acclaimed Netflix series that follows in the aftermath of the second season's epic conclusion. With the Mind Flayer beast seemingly locked away in the Upside Down, the kids (led by Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven), police chief Hopper (David Harbour), and Joyce (Winona Ryder) try to return to normal lives. But when Russians attempt to reopen the gate to the other realm, the Mind Flayer sneaks back in and begins to wreak havoc on the town of Hawkins. Stranger Things 3 Review Of course it's worth noting the fault in reviewing this season so late in the game. A great deal of people had binged it the day it came out. But with our primary goal revolving a

Peppered Meat

Crawl follows a young woman who attempts to save her estranged father from their old home during a hurricane. As the house begins to flood and alligators descend upon the house, they have to find a way to survive. Crawl Review Director Alexandre Aja hasn't given his fans much confidence since his big hits in the early goings of his career with the controversially gruesome High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes. He followed those entries up with the semi-basic Mirrors, the intentionally campy Piranha 3D, and the awkward Horns. Though he's shown experience in a breadth of horror styles, none have been all that impressive. So when he does a creature feature (based on my definition of "creature fe

Aliens Can't Drive

Men in Black: International follows a legendary MIB agent (Chris Hemsworth) and a rookie agent (Tessa Thompson) as they try to stop a powerful weapon from falling into the wrong alien hands. As a threat, the Hive, makes a return, the two must find a way to find and secure the weapon before the aliens do. Men in Black: International Review The MIB franchise is an organic one. Its sequels were spawned not from necessity for the continuation of a story (like, say, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings), but out of potential for financial success for the studio. Sometimes franchises like this pan out, and other times they fall flat. More often than not, you'll at the very least see ups and downs in the

Midsummer Olympics

Midsommar follows a disenchanted couple and their group of friends as they travel to a secluded Swedish commune to participate in a mysterious festival. As events transpire, the group begins to feel suspicious about the intentions of the commune and the nefarious nature of the festival. Midsommar Review Ari Aster, like Jordan Peele, is quickly establishing his name as a staple of modern horror. While both directors have a keen eye for symbolism, Peele takes a more inclusive and personable approach, where Aster prefers atmospheric and nuanced storytelling. With Aster's first major outing in Hereditary, the metaphors were heavy and the story thick with intrigue. The grueling ordeal of the fami

Darkly X

Dark Phoenix follows the X-Men crew as they encounter an intergalactic force in space. When Jean Grey becomes possessed by the force, she begins to exhibit excessive power levels and high aggression. The X-Men must find a way to stop the threat from destroying everything while also trying to save the comrade within. Dark Phoenix Review There are a lot of reasons that Last Stand failed. But I feel the simple truth is that it was doomed from the beginning because it remained true to the power level of Jean Grey's Dark Phoenix. When you are so powerful that you can disintegrate any opponent with the swipe of a finger, it makes battle sequences and building any sort of conflict virtually impossi

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