Hitting the Right Notes

The Perfection follows a troubled cellist who enters into a complicated relationship with a rival cellist as they embark on a disturbing journey that has more twists and turns than should be disclosed here. The Perfection Review FINALLY a horror movie that has lived up to the hype! The Perfection has been causing a stir for months now, and with its release this past weekend, it was second only in order of priority for me to Brightburn (which I reviewed over the weekend), but it was objectively superior in almost every way. The Perfection might very well be Netflix's best horror original to date. When the synopsis and subsequent buzz dropped, it sounded to me like The Perfection was a mix bet


Brightburn follows a couple struggling with fertility that raises a child from a crash-landed spaceship. When the boy reaches 12 years old, he quickly regresses socially and begins to realize he has abilities beyond that of the humans around him. While his adopted parents attempt to hold everything together, the super-powered boy's sanity quickly spirals out of control. Brightburn Review Brightburn is one of those movies that, as a horror fan and a comicbook fan, you just know you're going to enjoy no matter what. Even if it's campy hot-garbage, it will carry itself on the satire of it all. And if it takes its plot and commentary seriously, it will be all-the-more entertaining. Brightburn do

Wide Range of Self-Awareness

The Ranger follows a group of punk rockers that go on the run after a clash with the police the night before. They go to the abandoned family home of one of the fellow punk rockers out in the woods at the base of a mountain. When the mysterious and disturbed park ranger arrives, chaos ensues, and he just may have a bit of history with one of the punks. The Ranger Review As traditional as they come in concept, The Ranger offers little in terms of originality or cinematic prowess, but is an enjoyable time nonetheless. Using campy slasher standards, the crew of punk teens are dispatched one by one as a means of moral balancing from their earlier civil disobedience. It's a basic tale. There's li

Pettysaurus Rex

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom follows in the events of the last film, with the once-theme park island now overrun by dinosaurs. When the island's volcano becomes active, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) join a rich man's venture to save as many of the species as possible. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review What is there to say about a franchise that has been on a decline since the original and a sharp decline since the sequel? The first Jurassic World felt like a retread of the original classic, practically mocking itself and its audience with the satirical concept of having to genetically engineer monster dinosaurs to keep getting desensitized generations to fill the

Car-to-Car Evangelism

The Hole in the Ground follows a mother who moves to the Irish countryside to escape her abusive husband. After stumbling upon a massive pit in the woods, her son begins to behave strangely. Is she losing her mind or is her son not what he appears to be? The Hole in the Ground Review Irish horror films have been generally well-accepted by Efrit and I. One of the best in recent memory is The Hallow, which remains one of my favorite horror movies of all time, with its great pacing, acting, story, and themes. The Hole in the Ground follows the same changeling folklore that The Hallow does, but with a subdued approach akin to The Babadook. While this makes the premise a bit predictable, particul

A Rock and a Hard Place

Serenity follows a down-and-out fisherman (Matthew McConaughey) as he lives on the outskirts of a tropical island attempting to catch an elusive tuna. When his ex-wife shows up looking for a deadly favor, his world quickly unravels. Serenity Review This film attempts to drive its runtime off of its interesting plot, but the lack of significant events and its snail-crawl pacing truly tests the attention span of the viewer. Despite the plot's unique take, it does tackle familiar themes from similar movies (and to mention those movies by name would ruin this movie) and it struggles to bring new moral conundrums or philosophical concepts to the table. The acting is robotic, with McConaughey, Dji


Monster Party follows three friends who attempt to burglarize a rich home while posing as caterers at a dinner party. It soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary dinner party, and it is occupied by recovering serial killers...and some aren't doing so well at the recovery part. Monster Party Review Monster Party is one of the most entertaining horror films I've seen in a while. Its constant transcendence of tension, humor, and violence is almost perfectly balanced to make for an experience akin to other successful films in the same vein. The concept says it all. A Serial Killers Anonymous club full of a bunch of rich murderers? It's a great idea and it's executed very well. The symbolis

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