Historical Obligation

Avengers Endgame follows the events of Infinity War in the Avengers franchise, with the remaining superheroes that survived the infamous snap of Thanos that eliminated half of all life in the universe suffering the repercussions of the Mad Titan's actions. With a hint of hope left of redeeming their failure to stop him, the group seeks to regain the Infinity Stones and end Thanos for good. Avengers Endgame Review As our comic is based on imagery from early in the film and from the trailers, we intend to be wholly spoiler-free throughout this review, speaking not only in vague niceties, but not referencing any particular scene at all. So read on with no worries! Occasionally, we review movies

Drake the Rake

The Rake follows a woman and her brother as they reunite after 20 years with a group of friends at a remote home. Trying to overcome their past in which their parents were brutally murdered, the two siblings cope with their trauma among their friends. While the sister spirals further out of control, reality and the supernatural creature known as the Rake seem to blend together. The Rake Review I decided to check this film out based on the advice of Efrit, and I'm sure glad I did. Efrit has revealed other low-budget horror prospects to me in the past that have introduced hidden gems. Absentia comes to mind. But where that movie used subtle and progressive tension, this movie used its minimal

Outfit Showdown

La Llorona follows a widow and her two children who try to survive a curse brought on by a being from Mexican folklore. La Llorona Review The Conjuring universe has spawned a series of films that have been the best that mainstream horror has to offer. They have been the only truly frightening films in the mainstream, from Insidious to La Llorona, despite an ever-increasing predictability and familiar structure. As the latest addition, La Llorona struggles to keep the magic and charisma of the original films alive, but succeeds in having more effective cinematography and a more interesting and cohesive story than that of The Nun. The Nun and the first Annabelle remain my two largest disappoin

Silence is Fool's Golden

The Silence follows a family that tries to survive an onslaught of bat/pterodactyl-like creatures that emerge in throngs from an ancient cave. As the creatures ravage the east coast of the U.S., the family must find a way to avoid their sound-based hunting, and a cult that has a personal interest in them. The Silence Review Netflix is trying its darndest to produce good horror, but this movie was a step in the wrong direction, primarily because it chose to sacrifice limited decent effects for extensive SyFy original effects. The poor CG of the creatures brings the entire production value down where the rest of the production was above average. This was one of our weaker comics in a while (an

The F Word

Hellboy is a re-adaptation of the comic book superhero of the same name, and follows his exploits through the dark and macabre underworld and fantasy realms that surround Earth, as he protects those that fear him. In this particular entry, he sets out to stop the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich) before she unleashes her plague upon the world. Hellboy Review This remake is rife with issues and annoyances that drive me crazy, but it was admittedly sprinkled throughout a film that was quite entertaining and full of fun horror eye candy. Make no mistake, that won't stop me from letting this film have it... Firstly, there are innate problems with remakes of superheroes...the most obvious is the origi

Euthanized Scares

Pet Sematary, based on the Stephen King novel, follows a family that moves to rural Maine. After their cat dies, their kind, but troubled neighbor (John Lithgow) helps the husband/father (Jason Clarke) bury the cat on a haunted burial ground. Soon after the cat comes back from the dead, the daughter is killed in a car accident involving a semi truck. In grief, the father buries the daughter in the same graveyard. But what comes back isn't his daughter. Pet Sematary Review I would say that a re-adaptation of a Stephen King novel sounds like a bad idea, but I loved part 1 of IT and I'm just as excited for part 2 in September. Yet, something still didn't feel right about this Pet Sematary adapt

Binge Then Purge

Critters: A New Binge follows a variety of characters that come under siege from the infamous Crite aliens that return to Earth in search of a friend left behind. Critters: A New Binge Review It's quite clear from the reviews I've seen that A New Binge is a divided piece of the Critters franchise. As far as self aware pieces go, this is towards the top, so much so that it feels like it's coming around full circle to being unaware of just how self-aware it is. The ridiculously low budget adds to the charm of a franchise that seems committed to doing more and more with less and less. The piss-poor green screens and subpar acting is balanced only by a commitment to the crite puppetry and goofy

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