Pursuit of Glee!

Happy! follows a disgraced ex-cop turned hitman who begrudgingly befriends his estranged daughter’s imaginary friend as they search for her kidnapper. The stakes escalate, as an ex-partner/ex-girlfriend and the ex-wife get involved in the uncovering of a sinister conspiracy that seemingly has its roots in everything. Happy! Review Based on the comic book series of the same name, Happy! is an incredibly morbid piece of television gold that pushes the boundaries of politically correct into arenas thought impossible. Though it took me a great deal of time to finish the series, it was worth trudging through the witty writing and shameless imagery to dive into rather calloused and tumultuous soul

A Beautiful Letdown

Glass follows in the footsteps of Unbreakable and Split as the finale in the trilogy that explores what it would be like if superheroes and supervillains existed in a limited, subtle capacity. Glass picks up where Split leaves off, as the three characters Dunn, Mr. Glass and the Horde face off in a battle of wits as they are placed in a psych ward specifically designed to handle their unusual psychosis. Glass Review The Last Airbender and After Earth proved that the more extravagant the action, the less equipped director M Night Shyamalan is to handle it. Climactic action sequences aren't his element, and we see that in how the finale of Glass plays out. The two best words I can use to descr

Kids These Days...

Mara follows a criminal psychologist (Olga Kurylenko) who tries to solve a series of deaths that occur in the middle of the night while the victim is sleeping. All the deaths have the signs of murder, but there is no evidence or reasonable suspect. So who, or what, is killing these people? Mara Review A traditional, paint-by-numbers horror movie, Mara brings little new to the table in way of story, characters or scares. It’s a conventional death that turns out to be not-so conventional and gradually escalates in supernatural activity in the most predictable of ways. The always-amazing Javier Botet makes himself known in this movie, as he does in all his roles, as the villainous entity. His a

Something's Fishy

Cold Skin follows a weather observer (known only as Friend) who is dropped on a remote island to run a 12-month long research campaign on the wind and sea. Friend arrives to find a mysterious man living in the lighthouse, but also nocturnal creatures that raid the island from the deep. What are these creatures? And who is Gruner? Cold Skin Review I was so excited to see Cold Skin on Shudder. I've come close on multiple occasions to renting it on Vudu, as the plot sounded so interesting and the film quality well done. The grappling with several elements of humanity is certainly engaging and the film quality holds up near-immaculately. There was perhaps no horror movie that was more beautiful

10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

With 2018 in the rearview mirror following Efrit and I's top-10 lists, it's time to look ahead to 2019 before January is over with! There are quite a few films to look forward to, and often the most exciting part is we don't even have a full list yet. We always get pleasant surprises on the festival circuit, as we already can't wait for Telluride Horror Show to come back around! But, taking a glance at the current schedule, let's look ahead to what we see coming (or what's hopefully coming) in 2019! (Where possible, I plugged in a trailer!) The New Mutants Everything behind the scenes of this film screams that it will be a disaster. Yet, I hold out hope. We've had plenty of horror-themed sup

Top 10 Horror Movies 2018

As our podcast later this week will attest, Efrit and I do NOT agree on the best films of the year! But that’s okay, it adds intrigue and drama...it’d be boring if we had all the same movies in the same order...right?...Well, I know I’ve got some controversial films on my list, and definitely a controversial order if Efrit’s list is any type of barometer. 10. Upgrade This movie was action horror that fell more-so on the side of action than horror, but because of the technical classification, I was able to add it to the list. A flawed film that is mostly self-aware, Upgrade’s biggest issue was its pacing between hyper-violent, well-choreographed, uniquely-shot fight sequences. But those fight

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