Another Happening

Bird Box follows a woman, Malorie (Sandra Bullock), who must traverse a post-apocalyptic present day with two children. With a timeline that seesaws between past and present events, the journey jumps between a group of survivors and Malorie with the two children venturing on their own in the woods, attempting to avoid the unseen forces that have decimated humanity. Bird Box Review As we discussed on our podcast, Efrit and I were torn in our sentiment towards Bird Box. There were things we liked, there were things we didn't...but because I generally write the reviews, I have the advantage of making my thoughts more publicly take that, Efrit! I fell more on the side of not likin

Hellraiser: Judgment

Hellraiser: Judgment follows in the path of the previous installments in the Hellraiser franchise. In this sequel, we see a trio of detectives trying to catch a serial killer and solve the mysterious happenings in a seemingly abandoned house. Hellraiser: Judgment Review There isn't much to be proud of in this somehow-still-alive franchise that hasn't put out anything of note since its third installment. You could even go as far as to say the first two are the only decent ones and most of the rest of the franchise takes a lot of love of the mythos to push through. I've seen all of them at one time or another, and it's gotten increasingly difficult to push through to the end, yet I keep coming

A Defense for Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines follows a handful of characters as they traverse a distant future that features mobile towns that are "hunted by and fed upon" by large "predator" mobile cities. Mortal Engines Review Before I begin my defense of Mortal Engines, I will preface my thoughts with the objective statement that Mortal Engines is inherently flawed. The movie feels like it was stuck in this terrible limbo between being a standalone film, a tent-pole feature, a part-1&2 series, or a trilogy. It probably deserved a longer runtime than 2 hours to tell its tale, but lacked the substance to carry it for more than two films, leaving it in this awkward space with nowhere to go. And the finished product, part

Crackhead Furby

Pooka! is a Hulu original feature-length episode from its Into the Dark series, and follows an aspiring actor who dons a furry monster suit that promotes the latest holiday season toy trend, which boasts the gimmick of having uncontrollable emotional responses. He slowly starts to lose his sanity as the line between himself and the suit blends together. Pooka! Review Pooka! is a Jekyll and Hyde (has anybody ever spelled that correctly without looking it up?) themed film that rarely offers anything fresh to the concept, but is otherwise entertaining and relevant. It certainly isn't short on the metaphors and symbolism throughout, but it still has an inherent psychedelic approach that is diffi

Game Life

Game Night follows a highly competitive couple, Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams), that regularly hosts a game night with a group of friends. When Max's obnoxiously successful brother, Brooks (Kyle Chandler), gets involved in the games, a realism-based game scenario leads the crew through their local city on a kidnapping escapade that may just be more real than the game implied. Game Night Review Firstly, it's worth mentioning that this movie was initially reviewed by guest-critic and wight Amy Lee Curtis a while back, but I had to bring it back up after being able to watch it myself. While at Telluride Horror Show, there are moments when we are back at the hotel room writing up

Deja Vu

The Possession of Hannah Grace follows a disgraced and traumatized ex-cop who becomes a solitary nightshift worker in the morgue of a local hospital. When a mangled corpse arrives, it becomes gradually apparent that the corpse did not arrive under ordinary circumstances, and what's worse is the entity responsible may still be with the body. The Possession of Hannah Grace Review "There's nothing new under the sun" is now a reality of filmmaking that I feel is becoming cliche to hold against horror films that fit a subgenre. It's now reached a point that I should focus my efforts on simply praising the films that are able to present a majority of originality in their respective plots and execu

The Ode to Horror

Ready Player One takes place in a dystopian future in which most of humanity is obsessed with playing in a MMO with life-like virtual reality. When the creator of the virtual universe dies, an event is triggered that promises the rights of the universe to whomever can find three hidden keys. A young man and his rag-tag team of friends must find a way to get the three keys before a greedy corporation tracks them down for itself. Ready Player One and the Homage to Horror I was late to the game with Ready Player One, but I was recently able to catch the 'member berries spectacle that is Spielberg's ode to the 80s, 90s and 2000s of pop culture nerd fandom. There are references across the spectru

Predatory Behavior

The Predator follows in the footsteps of the Predator franchise, as another hunter alien arrives on Earth, but with surprising motives. When yet another larger Predator lands, a rag-tag team of dishonorably discharged soldiers must find a way to stop its pursuit to end the lives within its vicinity. The Predator Review I have a deep love for all things Predator and Alien. They are two of my favorite franchises and I tend to back them to a fault. I defend even the most panned of the respective franchises. I love Alien 3. I think Alien Resurrection, Prometheus, and Alien: Covenant have entertainment merit despite their significant flaws. I think Predator 2 is a great sequel to the original. I

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