Hellish Error

Errementari follows a blacksmith who must recapture a demon he had been keeping contained within his secluded cabin. After the demon is released by a young girl, he must capture the demon while also avoiding the local villagers who are blaming him for the disappearance of the young girl. Errementari Review There's something I can't quite put my finger on with this movie...and it's probably because it's a foreign film and I lack the necessary worldly knowledge to divulge the intricacies of its plot and characters. There's something I'm probably failing to grasp, and perhaps even more that I'm mistaking for failure...yet I can't help but feel that this movie falls into a sub-category of horror

Vomit, Rinse, Repeat

The Cleanse follows a heartbroken man, Paul (Johnny Malecki), who joins a secretive and exclusive cleansing program that promises ceaseless joy as a result of its mysterious methods. When the juicing portion of the cleanse brings about a creature manifested from his toxins, Paul must find out what it is, why it's here, and what to do with it. The Cleanse Review This horror dramedy is more dramedy than horror despite a plot that promises some creature feature shenanigans. Unfortunately, the creatures are a means to an end; a key plot point, but a vehicle for symbolism to the point that what they represent quickly and consistently becomes more important than the creatures themselves. Of course

Horror 101, Session 2: Nazi Experiments

Overlord follows a squad of American soldiers in WWII that are dropped in the middle of France to take down a Nazi radio tower. After severe casualties, the crew of soldiers discover there is more to this tower than meets the eye and the Nazis are experimenting on the surrounding villagers with gruesome and terrifying results. Overlord Review As we discussed on our podcast, Efrit was able to see Overlord before me, but I was able to catch it this past weekend. I'll be briefly summarizing Efrit's thoughts in here along with mine, as we drew similar conclusions on the subject matter. So where exactly does Overlord fall on the spectrum of horror, thriller, action and war drama? It's a rather ev

Holy Shatner

Halloween follows Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), now an estranged grandmother, as she seeks vengeance on Michael Myers for his past violent transgressions on her friends and family. When he escapes yet again from a maximum security mental asylum, she must confront her fears to bring him down for the last time. Halloween Review As I mentioned in Efrit and I's first ever podcast (shameless plug here), I'm not a huge fan of Michael Myers/Halloween. To be more accurate, I'm not a huge fan of the franchise. The original I think is a masterpiece and staple of horror and should be highly regarded...but a guy walking around (very slowly) in a mask and jumpsuit stabbing people methodically with a

I Wish I Wasn't Here

You Were Never Really Here follows a haunted veteran (Joaquin Phoenix) who works as a paid vigilante of sorts that finds missing girls. When a job goes horribly wrong, he finds himself at a crossroads that challenges his nightmares and moral fortitude. You Were Never Really Here Review Coming from the director of the haunting and unsettling We Need to Talk About Kevin (Lynne Ramsay), You Were Never Really Here is equally unnerving, but not in the same way...and that different way is not in a good way either. There was a time while watching where I turned to Efrit and said, "are we watching some poor attempt to recreate the magic of Drive?" And that's what it felt like to me between its convo

Faithful to the Craft

Apostle is a Netflix Original film set in 1905 that follows a man, Thomas (Dan Stevens), who tries to save his sister from a hostage situation by infiltrating the cult that took her. Upon reaching the isolated island, a game of cat and mouse begins between Thomas and the cult leader, Prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen). Apostle Review Often touted as a Wicker Man-esque tale, I found this movie to be far superior with its great cast, engrossing writing, and rewarding story. It does have some similarities with its general synopsis, pacing, and foreboding personalities, but it takes everything further...in a good way. There are portions throughout that remind me of various other films, but less-so

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