Revenge Review

Revenge follows a young woman who is betrayed and left for dead by her lover and his two friends. After surviving the initial attempt on her life, she must try and survive the desert and the three stalkers that are out to finish what they started. Revenge Review Revenge guessed it...a revenge movie, which is an ever-growing premise in the horror genre. I Spit on Your Grave franchise and The Last House on the Left are films I've recently avoided because the content isn't really our thing. In this case, I decided to give Revenge a shot because I'd heard good things for its style and "limited" approach to the revenge catalyst. And the grapevine was right for the most part. The film has

The Family Tree on Haunted Hill

The Haunting of Hill House is a Netflix original series based on the 1959 novel of the same name. It follows a family's experience within and following their stay at what would become an infamous haunted home. The show primarily follows the experiences of the five children, what they experience in the home, and how they are affected as adults. The Haunting of Hill House Review The family tree of haunted Hill house films is a confusing one...The House on Haunted Hill films (1959 and 1999) are not actually associated with The Haunting of Hill House novel...despite also being published in 1959. The Haunting of Hill House novel does however have film adaptations under the title The Haunting (196

How Much is that Haunting in the Window?

The Witch in the Window follows a man, Simon (Alex Draper), and his son, Finn (Charlie Tacker), as they attempt to flip a home that appears to be haunted by its previous resident. The woman's dark history makes itself known through the supernatural happenings in the house, and the man must make a tough decision on how to handle the apparition. The Witch in the Window Review If I were to commend this film (that also played at Telluride Horror Show in the not-so-distant past) for anything above all else, it'd be its unusual storytelling that breaks the mold of the haunted house genre in its approach. It gives explanation to the haunting's gradual strength. It attempts to logically dissect to t

Reality Strikes Back

Well, it's back to the usual grind of un-life for Efrit and I, and that means just a horror movie twice a week instead of 19 in a weekend. We'll miss Telluride Horror Show until this time next year...Thanks again, THS, for another awesome year! Terrified follows a team of investigators from various backgrounds that attempt to solve a series of mysterious crimes and happenings isolated in a few homes in a quiet neighborhood. Splitting up to investigate each home over the course of a night, things quickly escalate and it becomes very clear these incidents are not only linked, but supernatural. Terrified, currently on Shudder and presented at this past Telluride Horror Show, was one of the scar

Telluride Horror Show, Day 3, Efrit's Take

Well, another year in the books and we already can't wait for next year! Here are Efrit's Day 3 takes: Sunday Suspensefuls Shorts Block Scary shorts are our jam here in the underworld so we always get excited for two short blocks in particular. The creature feature shorts and the Sunday Suspensefuls. Today these delivered in a big way. All the short were great so let's talk about them. Baghead - What if you could talk to your dead loved ones? What if you could touch and feel them again? This is the experience Baghead explores in a very interesting way. I would love to see more around this and the background, but the movie was presented with is a very awesome take on what you would do if left

Telluride Horror Show, Day 3, Sickle's Take

Closing out Telluride Horror Show on Sunday is always a bittersweet experience. It was full of some great horror moments, but it also is the swan song for THS, and depression is setting into my cold, lifeless heart...but onto the reviews! Possum Possum follows a disgraced, disturbed children's puppeteer who must face his uncle and the revolting puppet that hides in a brown bag in order to conquer his past. Using thick atmosphere and suffocating subtlety and imagery, Possum attacks the psyche of the audience as much as its protagonist. This movie found the line for excessive arthouse symbolism and metaphors, crossed it, then came back around and almost lapped it. It's simply overwhelming for

Telluride Horror Show, Day 2, Efrit's Take

Here are Efrit's reviews from Day 2 of Telluride Horror Show, tackling three movies: Deadtectives, The Dark, and You Might Be The Killer! Deadtectives I am a secret fan of the ghost-chaser genre. Back in the day I used to go on jaunts up to the world and possess a body or two. Man those were the days... Anyway It is always fun to see how humans react to finding out what they don't believe in is real. It is even more entertaining to see people who fake it finding out it is real. So this is why Deadtectives had me all-in. Following a group of about-to-be-washed-up ghost hunters on their final (company mandated) trip to the most haunted casa in Mexico, the movie quickly falls into your typical

Telluride Horror Show, Day 2, Sickle's Take

No surprise. Telluride Horror Show delivered on the goods again on Saturday with some great shorts and feature films! Below are Sickle's takes on the second day of THS's offerings: FEATURE FILMS The Head - The biggest mystery of THS was definitely The Head. I tried to find more info on it. Anything beyond the promising yet vague synopsis and this single image. But I couldn't find a single thing. And perhaps I'm better for it. Going in blind, I was able to endure The Head like a virgin. Whoops...unintentionally gross, but I'm not fixing it. A medieval bounty hunter kills monsters until he can find the one that killed his daughter. What's not to like? The likely low budget isn't evident in mos

Telluride Horror Show, Day 1, Efrit's Take

The Boat Review Often I'm not a huge fan of survival horror movies. Things like Jungle, Open Water, and Backcountry are just not this demon's cup of tea. So reading the synopsis for The Boat had me at lukewarm, but the trailer introduces some elements that made me incredibly excited, so I chose to see it at day one of the Telluride Horror Show. That's right folks these two hell-based miscreants are back at Telluride for our favorite event of the year! Anyway, let's talk about this movie! The Boat starts off pretty unassuming where a pretty competent sailor/general maritime man finding an abandoned sailboat, and as is the law of the sea, he decides that it is his for the taking. Mostly he boa

Telluride Horror Show, Friday, Sickle's Take

Telluride Horror Show has been a blast so far, delivering what ended up being a good dose of shorts to kick off the weekend for me, Sickle. Efrit is writing up a review on the sole film we caught yesterday (The Boat) and The Creatures Were Stirring Shorts Block, so be sure to check that out! We have a ton of feature films (in addition to more shorts) on the docket for today, so keep an eye out for more updates on Facebook and reviews later today/tomorrow morning! We are trying a condensed Horror Short Rating System this year of a single rating (unlike our usual 3-set rating system for feature films) to give readers a brief idea of how good or bad we thought a short was. We don't have extensi

Motif Non Grata

Hold the Dark follows a writer and huntsman, Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright), as he travels to the Alaskan wilderness upon being hired by a local woman begging for vengeance on the wolf that killed her boy. As the history of the woman and the town unravel, Core finds himself entrapped in a dark and murderous game seemingly brought on by the environment the townspeople find themselves in. Hold the Dark Review The joke today was probably a bit too obscure...but to ruin it further by explaining it...director Jeremy Saulnier has had actor Macon Blair in each one of his films, and this movie is no exception. He does have a role. So if you're familiar with that actor, keep an eye for him! (He also c

Telluride Horror Show 2018: Second Wave Preview

The second wave of previews for Telluride Horror Show 2018 is here and it's fleshed out quite a lineup of horror, comedy, and thrills! Efrit and I are both [un]dying for this year's list of feature films and shorts. The scariest part of all is the fear of not being able to see everything... Here's a brief list of some of our most anticipated films/shorts of the second wave! For a full list of everything coming up at THS, follow the blood-bold link above! Feature Films Heretiks A story set in the 17th century following a convent of sorts doesn't sound particularly unique, especially with the recently released and underwhelming The Nun a few weeks ago, but this movie has Paul Hyett at the helm

Killing Them Harshly

Assassination Nation follows the town of Salem, as its residents find their personal information and secrets exposed on social media for all to see. Soon the town devolves into chaos and violence as the revelations turn their ugly heads. Assassination Nation Review Driving a bus is great but sometimes the traffic down here in Hell is well…hell. So, from time to time I find myself wasting time in the theater rather than wanting to sit in the driver’s seat waiting or listening to a podcast. The other day I found myself in this very situation and chose to see Assassination Nation. This movie seems like it could be one of two things: An arthouse flop like It Follows or a crazy romp into social b

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