Silence of the Pawns

Prodigy follows a child psychologist (Richard Neil) who engages in a battle of wits with a mysterious girl (Savannah Liles) inside a government facility intent on keeping her contained. During their session, the psychologist comes to learn that the child is more than she seems and the situation may be more grave than initially assumed. Prodigy Review I have a special place in my heart for psychological thrillers that have a low-key setting with good acting, writing and plot twists. So, Prodigy was a natural choice for me to try out. A highly intelligent girl with psychic powers has a kid shrink try to unravel her past? Sounds fun. Unfortunately, the concept is more effective than the executi

Home Alone: The Revenge

Intruders follows a band of criminals as they break into a house that is home to an agoraphobic recluse. As tension in the home rises, the reasons for the recluse's isolation may be beyond simply agoraphobia. Intruders Review There's nothing new under the sun, but I feel like it's not that hard to come up with an original movie title...or at least a title that hasn't been used recently multiple times. This film is not to be confused with the 2011 Clive Owen horror film of the same name, or the 2015 horror movie of the same name, or the horror short of the same name that is superior to all of them. This Intruders is a home invasion movie, so in its defense, it fits the name better than the ot

Telluride Horror Show 2018: First Wave Preview

The first wave of previews for Telluride Horror Show 2018 are online and Efrit and I are STOKED (Efrit's head flame is a pillar right now)! This set of films/short films looks great and it looks like we're in line for another fantastic year at THS! In this segment we're going to briefly cover some of our most highly anticipated films. You can check out the full list of guests, films and short films over at Telluride Horror Show (click the blood-bold text)! FIRST WAVE FILM PREVIEWS Lords of Chaos The real-life horror of the world is often more terrifying than our imaginations. This film recounts the true story of violent crimes committed in Oslo, Norway in the 1990s, surrounding two black met


The Nun follows a priest and aspiring nun as they travel to a remote Romanian convent to investigate the apparent suicide of a nun and the dark happenings of the premises. The Nun Review The James Wan style of horror is by far my favorite wave ridden by mainstream horror today. Actually, it's the only wave of mainstream horror I remotely like. In general, mainstream horror is predictable and lazy. While the Wan universe has become somewhat predictable in style and execution, they feel anything but lazy. They're entertaining. They're scary. They usually have an engaging story. As ghost directors have taken over for the swamped Wan, they have generally carried the various franchises and spin-o

When You Wish Upon a Corpse

Wish Upon follows a young woman who discovers a magical box that grants wishes at the cost expense of dark consequences. Wish Upon Review Horror comes in all shapes and sizes. From the truly terrible and low budget to the million dollar blockbuster ones. The indie mind-screw films to the movie theater trope-filled ones. All horror can be enjoyed from a certain angle. Wish Upon is one of those films. In Wish Upon, we follow Clare (Joey King) as she finds a mysterious and ornate box that starts to make the things she wishes for come true. Things like getting rich and hurting people; you know all the things we wanted when we were teens. Well at least that is what I hear when I am driving the bu

Thin Margins

Slender Man follows, you guessed it, the thin, lanky social media phenomenon as he attempts to steal the souls of a group of teen girls who dared try to summon him. Pretty straight-forward. Slender Man Review As an undead horror movie critic, I should be ashamed I can't better define what I mean when I use the term "mainstream horror" as a disparaging description of certain movies. But thanks to Slender Man, I can better give our readers a proper visual of what I mean... The term "mainstream horror" isn't necessarily, 100%, bad all the time...but it usually entails a forgettable cast, no writing and a high school essay outline's level of predictability in the story. You know...three to eight

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