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Channel Zero, for those unable to afford conventional television such as my undead self, is a SyFy original horror anthology series that is soon-to-be 4 seasons deep. It bases each season off of a different creepypasta story, with the first season tackling Candle Cove, following a creepypasta of the same name. Candle Cove follows a children's psychologist, Mike Painter (Paul Schneider), who returns to his childhood town and estranged mother to try and tackle his recent nightmares and psychotic episode. Upon returning, strange occurrences and unexplained deaths and disappearances begin to happen and it all seems to be related to a disturbing kids' TV show and a mysterious, dark presence. Chan

Flavor of the New Millennium

Castle Rock follows a small Maine town and its inhabitants as they experience dark and twisted happenings under the influence of horror author Stephen King's concepts and style. Castle Rock Review (Part 1) Castle Rock is difficult for me to critique without shamelessly soapboxing a few thoughts on the structure and basis of it all. But, seeing has my heart is ash and my chest cavity is devoid of a beat, I might as well give in to my urges... Firstly, I am torn in the realm of fan pandering, because Easter eggs in entertainment are essentially that and yet they can be quite a joy to notice or find. On the other hand, it can be a cheap ploy to attract an audience for an easy grab. Castle Rock

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The Monster Project follows a recovering drug addict who takes on a job with a documentary crew that seeks out three individuals who claim to be real-life monsters. The Monster Project Review I am a sucker for a well-named film on Amazon Prime (yes we get it all down here in Hell). The Monster Project was one of those movies that drew me in, then I read the description: “A recovering drug addict takes a job with a documentary crew who plans to interview three subjects who claim to be real-life monsters.” I like (and know some) real-life monsters and one of my favorite movies (Absentia) is about a recovering drug addict, so I was down. The film is very slow at the beginning, gathering all the


The Meg Review As a demon, I am a huge fan of monster movies. Anytime I see a preview for one, I am all in, as long as it is clear I will get to see something awesome. The Meg preview had me in the first few seconds. It looked like an amazingly silly Jawsploitation (yes this is a real term) movie. The Meg doesn’t let you even get comfortable, as it drops you in the middle of a search-and-rescue mission where Jonas (Jason Statham) and crew are attempting to rescue the crew of a disabled sub. Things start to get hairy and the sub explodes, leaving Jonas believing he saw something more than just an exploding sub. The movie takes off from there, introducing the billionaire businessman paying for

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10x10 follows a man who kidnaps a woman and holds her in a soundproof, cushioned cell within his home. This begins a game of psychological cat-and-mouse as the two unravel secrets and hidden motivations. 10x10 Review 10x10 is a fairly common thriller concept that uses kidnapping/captivity as a vehicle for revealing mysteries to the audience in rhythmic phases throughout the film. I happen to be a sucker for this style of filmmaking, so I can ignore the slight drop in originality. The story is different enough that it doesn't piece together perfectly, but you can make one big assumption at the beginning of the film that you'll likely be right on. These movies tend to be best when you leave yo


Demon House follows real-life paranormal investigator Zac Bagans as he investigates a house that was home to one of the most recently and well-documented cases of haunting/possession in the United States. Upon purchasing the home for himself, Zac then studies the framework of the home and interviews eye witnesses and victims of the home. Demon House Review I suppose it's difficult to review a documentary that is actually attempting to be a real documentary. I'm generally a skeptic when it comes to documentaries like these because the profit-to-evidence ratio leans to the deceptive. Zac is most famous for his work on the TV show Ghost Adventures, and I've seen more parodies of his work than r

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