The True Horror

How It Ends follows a man who attempts to get back to his pregnant girlfriend during apocalyptic-like events. Joining him is his girlfriend's father (Forest Whitaker). The two must come to terms with their differences to survive the elements and the ever-growing hostility of panicking citizens. How It Ends Review An apocalyptic film that attempts to cover human nature's response to the end of the world, or at least the end of the comforts we've grown accustomed to. And as is the case with most modern takes on the topic (The Road, The Divide, Into the Forest), the outlook is bleak on humanity retaining its humanity (sorry, Roland Emmerich). And because it's just riding the wave of society-cru


Ruin Me follows a young woman, Alex, as she reluctantly joins her "boyfriend" and a group of escape room enthusiasts on an extreme camping game event. As it becomes clear that the game may actually be real, Alex must try to survive and escape the terrorizing assailants. Ruin Me Review This isn't an original concept. The "game turned real, or is it real?" scenario is hardly fresh. Game Night, Fear Inc., and even The Houses October Built films and Mindhunters to an extent all cover a similar plot where the whole movie is an elaborate question of whether or not it's real. It's not like this concept as been over-saturated, it's just hard to find a unique take on it. I haven't seen Game Night, bu

Bowel Scanners

The Mind's Eye follows a young couple with psychic powers that flee a mad scientist who claims to be offering a cure for their "ailment". As the doctor and his lackeys close in on them, they must use their abilities to brutally defend themselves. The Mind's Eye Review This film flirts with the line between homage and blatant rip-off, only keeping itself from crossing the line with its obvious nods and purposeful storytelling bringing us back to the time of Scanners. While Scanners itself hasn't aged perfectly, Mind's Eye has similar limitations, particularly in its script. It's a campy thrill ride, but a thrill ride nonetheless. This film is stuffed to the rafters with low-budget horror acto

Admirably Horrible

Hungerford follows a crew of teenagers as they record their experiences in the middle of an otherworldly disaster that strikes their town. As they come to terms with their scenario, they have to find a way to survive the dangers. Hungerford Review I'd hate to dig too heavily on the criticism for a film that has the feeling more-so of a passion project than an actual film, but what's publicly released must be able to weather the storm or be crushed under it, and Hungerford was a film that was built on sand rather than stone, and was set to crumble under the pressure. It's another found footage movie with another take on zombies that isn't original on both fronts. The acting, writing and effec

My Chemical Romance Theme Song

Calibre follows two life-long friends who venture into the Scottish Highlands for a hunting excursion. After a horrible accident, the two find themselves embroiled with the locals in a life or death situation. Calibre Review There is little fresh about the plot and themes of this movie. The hunting/camping trip gone wrong isn't new, the small town "handle our own business" take isn't new, and the combination of both isn't new either. So, it's important to know that going in, I think, that you aren't getting an original perspective on a well-trekked plot. But perhaps what's worse is the film's attempt to tell the story of "the cover-up". It is my opinion that, unless you are doing a comedy, i

Exhibit B

Evidence (2012) follows a young man and his friends as they set out to film a documentary in the woods around their friend Brett's first experience camping. Good times quickly deteriorate as odd sounds and suspicious figures become more and more prevalent. It becomes apparent that they must escape the woods and survive the being stalking them in the night. Evidence Review If it wasn't clear from the synopsis, Evidence is another dime-a-dozen found footage film set in the woods with a malevolent figure stalking a group of people. Or is it? Does Evidence offer anything unique to a genre crammed with bland plots, forgettable characters and weak action? At first, Evidence sulks along like any ot


Dave Made a Maze follows...well...Dave...and his friends as they try to survive and escape his surprisingly massive cardboard labyrinth populated with booby-traps and a blood-thirsty minotaur. Dave Made a Maze Review Easily one of the most clever films I have seen in a very long time, Dave Made a Maze is smart, inventive, and charming, to say the least of its positive characteristics. The plot is ridiculous and embraced from the beginning like a child's imagination in adult form. This guy Dave makes a maze that begins to grow on its own out of his control, and he and his friends must navigate its dangers and try and get out, to hilarious effect. Its blend of adult wit and child-like wonder r

TAU's Tao

TAU follows a young woman who is captured by a mysterious genius who is dangerously committed to his next project for his company. Imprisoned within the walls of his facility, she is subject to his ruthless tests and kept in check by his AI, TAU, and its vicious robot. Can she find a way out before she becomes just another deceased lab rat? TAU Review A Netflix original, TAU feels like watching a feature-length version of an Oats Studios short. It's low-budget, violent scifi that is pseudo-dystopian under the guise of utopian. It could easily be an episode of Black Mirror, or even a recognizable prequel/sequel to an existing episode. It's like Kill Command, Captivity, 2001: A Space Odyssey,

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