A Monster Culls

I Kill Giants follows a troubled girl who is dealing with an unknown family tragedy along with her siblings. As she battles her inner demons, she takes to the local woods to hunt vicious giants that are out for human blood. But are these giants of the woods real or in her mind? I Kill Giants Review Nope, I Kill Giants is not horror, but its themes in dark fantasy are well enough around the spectrum that it's worth a discussion. I would have to say that the greatest criticism I have for I Kill Giants is it coming on the heels of A Monster Calls, which in writing and execution is a superior product. Their similarities are a bit too strong to ignore. Child struggles while experiencing a family


Inside (2016) follows a pregnant woman in her third trimester who is stalked by another woman obsessed with her unborn child. Inside (2016 Remake) Review I must of course admit that I haven't seen the original French version from 2007, but from what I can tell on plot alone, it is far superior to the American remake. And knowing the seemingly limitless possibilities and oft-superior cinematography of international horror, it's safe to assume the original is a clear-cut winner. So what foot does this remake have to stand on? Not much of one. As far as remakes go, it feels shallow and like a paint-by-numbers of the original, better to rely on the disturbing idea of its premise than take chance

Stranger Things Have Happened

The Strangers: Prey at Night follows a new family that falls victim to the same crazed, masked family of three that stalks its victims in the night. The mother (Christina Hendricks) and father (Martin Henderson) try to do everything they can to save their children from their fate at the hands of these knife and axe-wielding maniacs. The Strangers: Prey at Night Review This unplanned sequel goes about as well as you'd expect, especially considering that it follows a predictable slasher format full of one-dimensional serial killers. There's practically nothing you can expect to gain in originality from this movie. But I think we know that going in. So what do we hope for? The same level of sus

Denver Comic Con Coverage 2018

DCC 2018 was simply a fantastic con, with some great panels that have featured fan favorites and glimpses into new films around the corner. These awesome panels and the whole Denver Comic Con is brought to us by Pop Culture Classroom. The education program ignites a love of learning, increases literacy, celebrates diversity and builds community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression. It is a priceless community asset that has collaborated with DCC for years, and deserves a shout-out here! Now, on with the panels! David Harbour Harbour's panel was thick with interest in his perspective over his character in Stranger Things, and intrigue over his new role as Hell

Knocking Boots

Boots on the Ground follows a group of British soldiers that take shelter in an abandoned fortress during the Afghan war. As the soldiers try to fend off the Taliban outside, they come under fire from supernatural forces inside. Revelations and the forces within threaten to tear them apart. Boots on the Ground Review In a found footage style, this film had the potential of blending haunted house and gritty war drama genres into one. What we get is something that isn't very interesting and quickly becomes repetitive and predictable. It isn't realistic enough to legitimize its soldiers and it isn't scary enough to warrant fear. Instead, it drags in both arenas and fails to excel at either. It'

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Hereditary follows a family of four that is going through an awkward period of grieving following the death of an estranged grandmother. As the mother (Toni Collette) attempts to hold it together with her family, darkness and tragedy envelopes the home and threatens to tear them apart. Hereditary Review The last time a movie was hyped this hard via word-of-mouth was either It Follows or The Witch. The former was underwhelming to Efrit where the latter was underwhelming to me, but neither blew our minds or spooked our desensitized hearts. Hereditary, I feared, would do the same. It's not all about scares, it's about originality, symbolism and atmosphere, and for the most part Hereditary domin

Venom 2.0

Upgrade follows a man (Logan Marshall-Green) who loses his wife and becomes paralyzed after an altercation with some goons. He is offered a second chance at life when he is approached by a technology mogul who says he can make him walk again. But the chip implanted in his neck offers more than just motor skills and has a mind of its own. Upgrade Review Upgrade feels like an appetizer for Venom. It even features the actor that many of my friends tend to get mixed up with Tom Hardy (obviously these people don't watch enough movies). It feels like a similar dynamic. Man is fused with sentient being. Being provides superhuman abilities. Man must cope with abilities and the sentient being. And fr

Big Bird's Step-Cousin

Lord of Tears (The Owlman) follows a man who returns to his childhood home after the passing of his estranged mother. Because of a past wrought with repressed trauma, he fights his reluctance to return to the house for the sake of morbid curiosity and unlocking the hidden memories. A monstrous figure from his childhood lurks in the shadows of the house, but is it malevolent or a warning? Lord of Tears Review Why this movie would go by The Owlman is beyond me, only because Lord of Tears sounds all-the-more menacing. As far as micro-budget horror goes, this Scottish indie film is towards the top of the list, but it's important to curtail expectations to a degree, because micro-budget films ten

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