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Sequence Break follows an arcade repairman as he experiences hallucinatory visions after playing a mysterious circuit board. As he adjusts to the realization that the arcade shop is closing down and develops a relationship with a love interest, he tries to solve the puzzle of this seemingly malevolent game before it ruins his life, or possibly takes it. Sequence Break Review Following in the footsteps of recent body horror films, Sequence Break is more about the allusion to its intrigue than gripping visuals or powerful practical effects. Cronenberg remains the master of body horror and has rarely been challenged in the 2000's, and Sequence Break is no exception. Sequence Break felt like Tes

Corey Hart's Diehard Fan

Desolation follows a young mother, her son and her best friend as they go on a woodland hike after the passing of her husband. After a couple of days of soaking up the sights, they realize they aren't alone in these woods and the figure stalking them in the distance may have sinister intentions. Desolation Review Desolation is a movie we missed while at Telluride Horror Show last year, but it popped up on Netflix recently. It was a quick choice to watch, as I try to do that with any of the couple of movies we aren't able to catch at THS. THS has a great reputation for its diversity of film choices, tackling a plethora of horror sub-genres with varying degrees and types of horror and thriller

The Crying Game

Cargo follows a father who tries to save his infant daughter from a zombie-infested post apocalyptic world. After being bitten by a zombie himself, he has 48 hours before he succumbs to the infection. He must find a safe haven for his daughter until he becomes her grisly fate. Cargo Review Cargo is a Netflix Original film based on the acclaimed short of the same name. I absolutely loved the short when it was first released back in 2013. It's a horror tear-jerker and I recommend it to nearly everyone, horror fan or not (and I'll recommend it here as well...click the link above to watch it). It's fantastically directed with a perfect tone and message. It's a darkly beautiful piece. But it rais

Furry Hatchet

Primal Rage follows a recently-reunited couple as they traverse the woods attempting to escape a vicious creature resembling the legend of bigfoot. Primal Rage Review Primal Rage, with virtually no relation to the "Mortal Kombat with dinosaurs" video game of the same name, is arguably the best bigfoot movie in the string of bigfoot movies we had earlier in the past decade. Exists and Willow Creek initially come to mind, and both are mediocre found footage pieces with limited redeemable qualities. And while Primal Rage is no masterclass in anything, it's at the very least a fun time with decent monster effects and some morbidly entertaining gore effects. With limited acting and a weak script,

The Standing Dead

Ravenous (2017) follows a group of survivors in Quebec that try and find a way to live in a world in which a virus gives humanity an insatiable appetite for human flesh. While avoiding the zombie-like masses, they come to terms with themselves and their fellow survivors, trying to find a way to not only avoid bodily harm, but losing their minds and hope. Ravenous (2017) Review Not to be confused with the 1999 Guy Pearce cult-ish oddity of the same name, this Ravenous is essentially a French Canadian take on The Walking Dead's concept of focusing on the characters and the trauma associated with a zombie-ridden world. Ravenous doesn't carry a great deal of originality on the surface, but its o

Unlike Button

Friend Request follows a young woman who upon unfriending an outcast from her social media platform, finds herself the victim of a vengeful spirit when the outcast takes her own life. What can you say about a movie that is basically a blend between Unfriended and The Grudge that has neither the lovable nature of the former or the powerful scares of the latter? Well, when you don't have originality on your side, it's hard to get a win. And when the quality of the product can't repeat the quality it is essentially copying, we're in for a bad time. Friend Request spends a majority of its runtime with a vengeful spirit harassing a college woman's social media (basically Facebook) page. Yes, I th

V/H/S Did It!

The Gracefield Incident follows a group of friends who witness a meteor crashing overhead as they party at a cabin. As they inspect the crash site, they become the target of an otherworldly being seemingly bent on their doom. The Gracefield Incident Review There's not much to say about a movie that has its best parts taken from other horror films, and unfortunately that is the case here. Perhaps the most obvious case of mistaken originality is found in the optical implant as a creative means for the found footage element. This was of course utilized in a more fresh sense way back in 2013 in V/H/S 2's short film Phase I Clinical Trials. I know, the "Simpsons did it!" or the Biblically old "no

Stabbing in Your Sleep

Slumber follows a sleep doctor (Maggie Q) who attempts to assist a family in their nightly struggle with relentless and distressing sleep walking. As the family is observed, it becomes clear that the family is suffering from more than just night terrors and sleep paralysis, and that a dark, malicious entity may be involved. Slumber Review A twist on the possession genre, this film follows a similar vein to that of Insidious, in which it has this nuanced mixture of possession and haunted house. In this case, we have an entity that is responsible for an ever-growing phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis has many different symptoms associated with it, but the odd similarities bet

Daddy Issues

Mom and Dad follows a high school girl, her boyfriend and her younger brother as they try to survive an outbreak of violence in which parents kill their own children. As the death toll rises around the nation, the two siblings must find a way to survive the volatile psychosis their parents are under, trapped within their own home. Mom and Dad Review The "not quite zombie" outbreak concept isn't entirely original by itself. We have movies like The Crazies, and 28 Days Later and Cooties to an extent, giving us takes on the zombie realm with a twist. The Crazies, in particular, features a very similar concept to that of Mom and Dad, with a relatively intact consciousness, but a complete loss of

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