Beautiful Disaster

Annihilation follows a team of scientists that travel into a mysterious zone of land that is being manipulated by an unknown force. As they dive deeper into the area, it becomes clear that the forces changing the environment are changing them as well. Annihilation Review Tell everyone you loved Annihilation and you come across as smart. Fear the sentiment of not liking it and being labeled dimwitted and small-minded. This is a great movie that is developing a stigma around its incomprehensible theoretical elements. In my opinion, we're not supposed to get it and that's the point. In some ways this movie reminded me of the final act of Interstellar, except where Interstellar tackles theoretic

Gettin' Jiggy With It

Jigsaw follows two detectives attempting to save victims of a copycat serial killer that appears to be imitating the sadistic genius Jigsaw. While the victims suffer the vicious lessons of the traps set by the killer, the detectives must discover the secrets behind the new killer before it's too late. Jigsaw Review I suppose in the grand scheme of the franchise, there isn't much to review here. In almost all ways, it's just a sequel to the Saw franchise and doesn't offer much outside of the other countless sequels to warrant discussion. But, the franchise has a knack for giving the viewers what they want: a plothole-riddled mystery sprinkled with plenty of gore. This film carries the traditi

Before the Farting Corpse

Jungle follows the true story of a trio of adventurous friends who follow a guide into the remote places of the Bolivian jungle. After running into several obstacles, the group fragments until only one man (Daniel Radcliffe) must find his way alone through miles of unfamiliar and unforgiving territory. Jungle Review This was one film we missed at Telluride Horror Show. It was an unfortunate drop since it was directed by Greg McLean, the director of The Belko Experiment, Wolf Creek and one of my favorite creature features of all time, the heavily underrated Rogue. With a fairly small but respectable sample size, the odds were that Jungle would be a good film. And depending on your approach, y

Dead Shack!...Baby, Dead Shack!

Dead Shack follows a family that goes on a camping trip at a low-budget cabin, only to discover that a neighbor is feeding victims to her undead family members. With the murderous mother setting her sights on the newly discovered witnesses, the family must combat the crazed woman and her zombie family to survive the night. Dead Shack Review Seriously...once you see Christian Slater, you can't unsee it. And this movie embraces the Slater of the 80s/90s with its purposeful schlock mixed to a fine puree of gore and black comedy. Did you ever want to see Slater in place of Corey Feldman in an 80s b-horror movie? Well, this is your chance. Dead Shack is absolutely a success for Shudder. It delive

Unarmed Astronauts

The Cloverfield Paradox follows a team of scientists who are stuck in a quantum paradox after testing a perpetual energy solution in space. While space, time and reality bend and break around them, they have to work together and try to reverse the experiment before the universe is torn apart. The Cloverfield Paradox Review I've heard quite a few poor reviews of this film from friends and professionals alike, and to be honest I don't get the hate. It's not mind blowing or a masterclass in the scifi genre, but it was plenty entertaining and intriguing in my opinion. In some ways it reminded me of Sphere, in that it was a crew of very smart, very flawed people trying to work together in a situa

Peripheral Horror

The Ritual follows a group of friends that go on a camping trip in the Scandinavian forests to honor the death of one of their close friends. As they venture deeper into the forest, they all begin to experience vivid nightmares. The nightmares become reality, as they are stalked by an unknown malevolent force that lurks in the trees. The Ritual Review "Netflix Original", if not clear to some, is a murky term. Sometimes it's merely the label given to films that have yet to be fully distributed and Netflix pays for the opportunity to do so stateside. That appears to be the case with The Ritual, which was released in markets overseas last year. But, despite being late to the party, I'm happy I

Waste Management

Cabin Fever follows a group of friends looking for a fun getaway at a semi-remote cabin. Things begin to spiral out of control as a flesh eating virus infects members of the group one by one. Trust and sanity gradually drain away as their bodies begin to deteriorate. Cabin Fever Review This remake to an American film from merely 12 years prior to this film's release is practically a shot-for-shot remake. And when we're talking non-existent improvements in the gore arena, you wonder, "why bother?" The overwhelming similarities hardly make it worth reviewing to be honest. If you saw the 2002 version, you pretty much saw this one. I could play the two films next to each other, but I'm pretty su

Not-So-Deep Blue Sea

Bait follows a group of people trapped in a half-flooded grocery store with great white sharks after a tsunami strikes the coastline. Battling the sharks and each other, the various personalities have to use the courage and wit to survive the hungry sharks that have gotten a taste for human flesh. Bait Review I don't know what it is about shark movies in particular, but it seems like the standard is to have great practical effects and embarrassingly awful computer graphics. One may consider Deep Blue Sea to be a guilty pleasure movie, but I do absolutely love that film. The practical effects are incredible and it's just overall a really fun popcorn flick that requires (or is better off witho

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