Not Super Dark

Super Dark Times follows a teen and his best friend who try to cope with the repercussions of a fatal accident they were involved in. While trying to keep the incident under wraps and carry on as normal, it is obvious that things aren't alright and that something more sinister may be brewing between the two friends. Super Dark Times Review I went into this movie blind, basing my jump into the unknown off of a recommendation from a Redditor. The over-hyped endorsement set the bar a bit too high for a movie I likely would recommend to others.'s not necessarily a movie I'd recommend to fans of pure horror. It's simply not that dark. The best way to categorize this film is in the indie

Hunting Horror

Happy Hunting follows a drug dealer trying to lay low after a job gone bad. He hides away in a small town with a terrifying secret...once a year they hunt a small band of people for sport. Running for his life across an unforgiving desert, he has to find a way to survive and escape with a group of psychotic hunters on his tail. Happy Hunting Review There isn't much that demands respect in this film. You aren't getting anything unique. Everything in the picture screams "parody", but for the majority of the runtime, it feels like the director's goal was anything but. The opening and closing credits say to the audience, "just kidding!" But when everything in between says, "take me seriously", y

Godless Soul Eaters

Solace follows two FBI agents who employ an old, tortured psychic (Anthony Hopkins) to catch a serial killer (Colin Farrell) whose m.o. seems to be preemptive mercy killing. As they get closer to the killer, it becomes clear that he is more than simply one step ahead of them, and his motivations go beyond his murders. Solace Review Psychological thrillers with a scifi/supernatural twist have always been a pleasure of mine, but unfortunately outside of Fallen, most of them are guilty pleasures. They tend to have an inordinate amount of plot holes and lack the structure and pacing to make them great. Solace has more flaws than standout moments, but I still found myself quite entertained by it.

Before I Wake Review

Before I Wake follows a grieving couple (Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane) recovering from the loss of their young son. As they attempt to salvage their marriage, the couple adopts another young boy (Jacob Tremblay) who has the ability to manifest his dreams. After coming to terms with the child's power and facing the moral dilemma of abusing it, the couple is faced with the reality that his nightmares manifest as well. Before I Wake Review I'm genuinely unsure what my final sentiment is towards this movie. Overall, I loved it, but I loved it in spite of its overwhelming similarities with "traditional mainstream horror". Yes, I often bash this vein of the horror genre, because in general it's pred

Top 10 Horror Films of 2017

You just can't plan for everything. And one such thing you can't plan for is the undead catching the flu. Who knew it was possible? And it was the reason for our delay of our top horror films of 2017. But...without further delay... Our top 10 list of films for the year comes with the usual disclaimer; all of these movies may not actually have been released in 2017. Because of our jumping through hoops to see what we can, some movies were released in another country or on the festival circuit in 2016, while others have yet to hit the open market until 2018. 2017 is a fluid number to represent recently released movies we saw this year. So keep that in mind. 10. XX – Anthology films tend to be

Seeing the Pattern

Insidious: The Last Key follows franchise frontrunner Elise Rainier as she returns to her childhood home in order to save the current resident from falling victim to the same spirits that haunted her as a child. She is forced to confront the evils of her past, both the ethereal and the corporeal. Insidious: The Last Key Review As I mentioned in the Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2018 post yesterday, I was able to catch The Last Key and wanted to make sure I got the 2018 list up before posting about this movie. I am a pretty big fan of the Insidious franchise. I think the first film is a staple of turn-of-the-century horror, the direct sequel is mediocre and the third installment was a grea

Top 10 Anticipated Horror Movies of 2018

Before we do our Top 10 Horror Movies of 2017 (this Monday), we felt it urgent to get our list of most anticipated movies of 2018 out first, primarily because the year is kicking off strong in the horror category and we wanted to make sure and get the hype train going. Besides...the movies for 2017 aren't changing...they can wait a couple more days. A Quiet Place This is the film up to this point I am most excited to see. I love the plot. Efrit wasn't a huge fan of It Comes at Night, as we know, and this looks like a film that delivers where we were hoping that movie would go. Directed by and starring John Krasinksi, it has a lot of promise. And the trailer is very intriguing. I hope there's

Painting Sands Red

It Stains the Sands Red follows a woman (Brittany Allen) who is stranded in the desert with a solitary zombie in tow. With dwindling resources and a faltering mind and body, she must find a way to survive the elements, while staying ahead of her straggling predator. It Stains the Sands Red Review This movie was touted as a "different kind of zombie movie". I had my doubts, because I've heard that before, and with every new iteration it's generally proven that it's just like every other zombie movie. It's becoming harder and harder to be original in the sub genre, to the point that filmmakers have embraced the niche tropes and chosen the route of satire. At this point, it's easier to be funny

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