Blinding Symbolism

Bright follows two cops in an alternate-reality modern day Los Angeles, where magic is real and humans live among orcs, elves and fairies. Ward (Will Smith), a human, and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), an orc, must learn to put aside their racial differences to stop a magic wand from getting into the wrong hands and summoning an ancient evil entity. Bright Review It's quite obvious from the get-go that this film is a strong commentary on racial tensions in the United States. It fairly critiques the ignorance and indifference our culture as a whole has toward racial biases and prejudices present in our world. The film goes from subtlety to blatant mockery of today's moral compass to the point that

Nameless Faces

Dead Birds follows a group of Confederate soldiers who rob a bank and attempt to hide out in an abandoned farm. The derelict house seems like the perfect place to lay low, until the supernatural forces of the house come out. The crew begins to unravel as the greed for the haul blends with the fear of the spirits of the home until it begins to boil over. Dead Birds Review Dead Birds is filled with memorable faces of unmemorable names. The only actor I could recall from memory was Michael Shannon. But I recognized most of the lead cast. Michael Shannon's role in the film as a scarce supporting character dated the movie, as this was before it was discovered that Shannon was more than apt at car

Picking Up On A Theme

Hounds of Love follows a young woman who is abducted by a sadistic couple. As their plans for her become clear, she uses every single thing she has at her disposal to get out alive. Hounds of Love Review When it comes to painting a visceral picture of the disturbed nature of man, Australia has it down to a science. They are so effective at it, I've grown concerned for the safety of the people that live there. How much of this stuff is based on real cases? I hope not much. Hounds of Love is another masterpiece in this vein that takes you down the rabbit hole of humanity's moral void. The acting is superb and the writing great, which is par for the course. Perhaps the only flaw is in the story

Better Not Pout

Better Watch Out follows a 13-year old and his babysitter on a December evening around the holidays. When an intruder makes himself known, the two attempt to avoid the burglar as he makes his way through the house. But there may be more to this odd home invasion than meets the eye. Better Watch Out Review Perhaps the best way to review Better Watch Out is to mention the movies it reminds me of. There is a fine line between homage/satire and riding coattails, but Better Watch Out falls on the side of effective reverence than the latter. The movies it recalls, whether purposefully or incidentally, make for a great blend of black comedy/horror entertainment. It works well here, and the movie li


The Shape of Water follows a mute cleaning woman who meets a strange aquatic humanoid creature within the lab at which she works. As she develops a relationship with the creature, she commits to saving it from the clutches of a disturbed man bent on its destruction. The Shape of Water Review If it isn't evident from the trailers, The Shape of Water is more closely related to Crimson Peak or Pan's Labyrinth than del Toro's other works. It plays out like a dark fantasy with a heavy focus on drama and romantic elements with a tinge of horror mixed in. It's basically a story of "what if Abe Sapien did a Creature from the Black Lagoon story"? Take that to the theater and you have this movie. Doug


Temple follows a trio of Americans in search of -- you guessed it -- a temple deep in the secluded mountains of Japan. Guided by a book and a mysterious child, the group discover that the abandoned temple houses some malevolent spirits dead set on their doom. Temple Review I tend to have an appreciation for culture/language-melding movies that have an even amount of dialogue presented through its represented cultures/races. In this case we have English and Japanese spoken throughout the film fairly evenly. It adds to the realism of the scenario that not everyone happens to magically speak the necessary language for the viewer. I respect the extra attention it takes to produce such a film. Al


Street Trash follows a filthy gang of malicious vagrants living at a dump that are dispatched one-by-one by a mysterious liquid disguised as booze. As each revolting alcoholic melts or explodes once consuming the substance known as Viper, one of the homeless and a rough detective begin to suspect something is wrong. It's hard to determine more of a plot than that. Street Trash Retro Review This movie feels like it was a horror parody before horror parody was a thing. It's like Hobo with a Shotgun that didn't know it was Hobo with a Shotgun. It almost feels like this movie decided halfway through that it was as bad as the garbage of its setting and decided to roll with it and embrace it. The

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