Stranger Things 2 picks up where the first season left off, quickly resolving a handful of cliffhangers and establishing the current states of many of the show's characters. As Hopper secretly cares for Eleven in a remote cabin, the boys deal with a newfound creature, the new girl in town, and Will's increasingly apparent visions of a massive monster over the town. Experiments continue around the portal to the Upside Down under a regime of benign scientists. The invasion of the Upside Down's inhabitants escalates and the group must find a way to stop the beings of the other world once and for all. Stranger Things Season 2 Review So the question on everyone's mind involving Stranger Things wa

Lesser of Evils

Another Evil follows a family that calls upon on an exorcist to rid their home of a spirit that has suddenly begun haunting the home. As his family takes leave, husband Dan (Steve Zissis) stays in the home with the c-grade exorcist, Os (Mark Proksch), as they attempt to rid the home of the haunting presence. But Dan's suspicions of Os begin to grow as his unorthodox practices devolve. Another Evil Review I'm afraid to make this comparison with the implications that may be invoked, but this movie reminded me a lot of Creep. The progression of the characters and atmosphere reminded me a lot of that film. It starts out silly, and then the silly slowly transforms into unsettling, and then devolv

Mad Mick

Wolf Creek follows a young woman, Eve (Lucy Fry), who survives a brutal encounter with the malicious and infamous Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). As the psychopath continues his trail of carnage across the outback, Eve takes matters into her own hands to stop the serial killer once and for all. But is Mick even the worst evil the outback has to offer? Wolf Creek Review While trying to finish up various TV series (Stranger Things 2, Mindhunter) at once, one show beat the rest to the finish line...the Shudder exclusive Wolf Creek series. It was a bit easier to get through with its fewer episodes, and as such it felt like an extended Wolf Creek cinematic sequel. Many of my fellow horror patrons are

Sniffle and Efrit

Killing Ground follows a couple who falls upon an abandoned campsite with a malnourished child. As they grow suspicious that something terrible has happened, two malicious men seek out the remains of the crime scene to rid the grounds of the evidence, including the newly arrived couple. Killing Ground Review Australia has an incredible knack for making disturbing thrillers. They are, in fact, so disturbing that they fall into the category of horror. But fewer films have the power to pull in my emotional investment like Australian films. Red Hill, The Horseman, The Snowtown Murders, The Loved Ones...the list goes on. And now we can add Killing Ground to the list. If Killing Ground has any fla

The Purge: Election Day Review

The Purge: Election Day follows Leo (Frank Grillo) as a bodyguard sworn to protect a Senator (Elizabeth Mitchell) who wants to bring an end to the Purge. Most government leaders would do anything to stop her, so they put a bounty on her head during the Purge night. Can Leo get her through the night safely, or is the Purge destined to be the new controlling element of the government? The Purge: Election Day Review As went the Saw franchise, if you've seen one of them, you've seen them all. And depending on your affinity towards them, that's not necessarily a bad thing. The third Purge installment does little to dazzle the mind or bring anything fresh to a franchise that seems immune to critic

Don't Kill It Review

Don't Kill It follows a demon hunter who must try and capture a demon that has a rather resilient quality. It is able to enter the body of most anyone and go on a killing rampage. Whomever kills the vessel the demon is inhabiting subsequently becomes possessed by the demon. So how do you stop a demon that can't be killed? Ask Dolph Lundgren. Don't Kill It Review Dolph Lundgren has always embraced his role as a b-movie actor. I've found that in today's cinema environment, that proves easier said than done. Because of the rise of independent movies and the ease of quality production practices and technologies, b-movies have become a bit of a rarity. The gap between a-movies and "everything els

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