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Death Note, based on the anime of the same name, follows a high school student who falls onto the possession of a mystical book that kills anyone whose name is entered into it. Overshadowed by a demonic figure that follows the book and its owner, the young man uses the book to remove evil from the world while also attempting to avoid capture from a particularly brilliant and eccentric world-spanning detective. Death Note Review I have a confession...I have not seen the Death Note anime. However, I look to take advantage of my perspective in this review. It's not common that I view a horror film that is an adaptation or remake in which I am not fully aware and experienced with the source mate

Verbing Words

Demonic follows two storylines: one is the investigation and interrogations in the aftermath of a violent night, and the other is a glimpse into the paranormal experiences that supposedly occurred. As a police officer (Frank Grillo) and psychologist (Maria Bello) try to determine the truth, they slowly unravel the truth behind the house's dark past and the people, or otherworldly beings, responsible. Demonic Review Despite a cast with a positive track record, Demonic never seems to produce the steam necessary to move on the rails to any significant location. The acting chops of our leads do certainly help lift an otherwise mundane plot, but it isn't enough to take the film to another level.

Vomit Contest

Kuso is a series of shorts interconnected through a devastating earthquake. This is the synopsis for the anthology that is otherwise insane. Literally insane. Through disgusting and disturbing visuals, grotesque and vague stories are woven in such a way that is difficult to bear. Be warned. Kuso Review I don't really know how to review Kuso, to be honest. I believe it was successful in what it set out to do, but I'm not entirely convinced of what exactly that goal was. The film's anthology structure may be the only thing you could call "structure" in the film, as much of the plots and dialogue are virtually impossible to comprehend. There is definitely commentary on sexism and racism present

Transfigure It Out

The Transfiguration follows a young man who has an addiction to "sanguinarism", with consuming fresh human blood. Living with his brother in a gang neighborhood, the boy meets a similarly troubled girl and they begin a dark and awkward relationship. As things escalate and secrets come to the surface, the boy must come to terms with his life and make some choices that could have permanent consequences for all involved. The Transfiguration Review The Transfiguration was a solid indie horror flick that used sanguinarian vampirism as its vehicle to discuss, in part, the life of a young man growing up in a gang neighborhood. It is the underlying setting of a film that dives deep into the nature o

Lack the Gumption

Murder Party follows a lonely, socially inept fool who attends a mysterious Halloween party, only to discover that a group of hipsters have planned a "murder party", in which he will be the victim. After failed attempts and delays due to artistic differences, our victim is forced to endure the worst torture of all...hipster self-absorption. Murder Party Review Jeremy Saulnier is quickly becoming one of my favorite modern-day directors. Blue Ruin is easily one of my favorite indie films of all time. Green Room affected me in a way that most horror films can't boast. And now I was able to watch Saulnier's first forte in feature-length cinema, Murder Party. While every single one of these films

House on Willow Street Review

House on Willow Street follows a gang of kidnappers who attempt to use a young woman as leverage to get some riches from a wealthy family. As everyone begins to experience horrific visions one by one, it would seem this young woman is more than she seems. Do they heed her warnings and let her go, or attempt to ride out the hauntings and try to get the money? House on Willow Street Review I really wanted to like this movie because of the effects work and strong pacing, but it just falls short in so many attributes, it's hard to love. The actors don't help brighten an already dull script that fails to drive a plot with some interesting elements. Because the plot is wasted on weak storytelling,


The Devil's Candy follows a family of three that moves into a new home with a violent past. Soon after moving in, the father (Ethan Embry), a self-employed artist, begins to experience visions and paints disturbing masterpieces with no memory of working on them. Meanwhile, a madman seemingly possessed by a dark entity is stalking children and our family's only daughter. How are these paintings related to the serial killer? Will the family become a victim to the killer? The Devil's Candy Review This film a great example of taking horror tropes and pushing them subtly in new directions that make it refreshing and engaging. Let's start with the setting, because it is the only weak element of th

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