Gunning for Laughs

The Belko Experiment follows an office building's worth of employees who unwittingly become the focal point of a morbid experiment. Located in a rural area of Colombia, the US-based corporate lackies are forced to kill one another in order to survive. As the numbers shrink and the challenges heightened by an enigmatic voice, the remaining survivors are forced to decide between their morals and survival. The Belko Experiment Review I have a deep love and respect for James Gunn (writer and producer) and Greg McLean (director). In the case of Gunn, who I like to call Joss Whedon Jr., I consider him one of the masters of balancing dark humor and violence into a somehow lighthearted affair. Thoug

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Savageland follows a documentary-style montage of news clippings and interviews that break down an incident that occurred in a small American town along the Arizona/Mexican border. In the town, nicknamed Savageland, a lone survivor escapes an unexplained carnage. Blamed for the massacre of the town, the quiet, self-taught photographer documented the violent night in a film roll's worth of haunting images. What really happened in the small town? Could one man really kill an entire population of a small town in one night? Savageland Review It is common in all genres of film, but perhaps most of all in horror, for a sub-genre or concept to oversaturate the market to the point of butchering its

Special Recipe

The Alchemist Cookbook follows an anti-social young man, Sean (Ty Hickson), who secludes himself deep in the woods. As he experiments in alchemy, he decides to call upon a demon for assistance. With his psychotropic medication empty, Sean's hold on reality begins to slip, and he is unsure if what he is experiencing is a series of hallucinations, or the demon unleashing its hell upon him. The Alchemist Cookbook Review The Alchemist Cookbook is a lesson in what is possible with a virtually non-existent budget. With one setting, two actors, and limited dialogue and effects, this film is able to achieve so much. But it is by no means a flawless expose in the realm of cinematic horror. Our lead,

Filling the Void

The Void follows a cop who takes a wounded man to a local hospital. Things escalate quickly when the hospital is soon surrounded by a hooded cult and the patients and staff inside the hospital begin to act strangely and...change. Can the survivors find out what's happening, or will they be consumed by the chaos within? The Void Review The Void is one of the best homage horror films ever. Homage horror films aren't an old concept. Most are from the turn of the century. But most leave the viewer wanting. The Void is not that film. It nailed every piece of horror cinema it aimed to replicate, and in its own effective way. In honor of the homage the film portrays, here are 10 movies I thought ab

Sinister Sixteen

Occasionally we will catch a film that doesn't fall on the fringe of horror, but does fall comfortably in the category often considered the fun step-cousin of horror: scifi/fantasy. While comic films have become commonplace-enough to practically earn their own genre, I would still classify them in scifi/fantasy, for the most part. Spider-Man Homecoming most certainly falls in that place. Spider-Man Homecoming follows the events of Captain America: Civil War, in which Spider-Man assisted Iron Man on a mission. Filling in as Peter Parker's semi-absentee father, Tony Stark begins to neglectfully mentor the overzealous Parker. As Parker investigates the happenings of a group tinkering with alien

DCC '17 ReCon

Denver Comic Con 2017 was another successful event for the entertainment and media patrons of Colorado and beyond. There was a wide assortment of talent on display, particularly in the cosplay and artist realms. While the horror was limited this year in the panels, we were able to catch some time with Nathan Fillion (Slither), Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), and Michael Chiklis (American Horror Story). Millie Bobby Brown There are two routes kid actors take when they reach stardom. They can't take the pressure of the fanbase and crumble psychologically, or they embrace their fanbase, adjust to the media presence, and eventually thrive via the understanding that they're just people like

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