2 X's Don't Make a Y

XX is a horror anthology film that follows 4 female directors telling their own tales of terror. The first short follows a mother and father who notice their son's loss of appetite after peering into an old man's present box on the subway. The second tale follows a distraught and disjointed mother who finds her husband's corpse on the day of her daughter's birthday. The third story follows 4 campers who come across an ancient curse. The fourth short follows a mother raising a sadistic young man who may just have lofty, hellish aspirations. XX Review As is the case with any genre of film, women aren't featured as prominently in the director's chair as men when it comes to horror. However, we

Geriatric Arnie

Man Vs. follows a reality show host who, after starting a solitary expedition, finds himself up against an unseen force that may be more dangerous than anything Earth has to offer. Man Vs. Review You can divide horror movies into countless categories. One such way would be by its choice of escalation. Some horror movies, generally gory slashers, will start the killing early and carry it through right to the end. Other horror movies choose the slow build. This method is commonly seen in creature features, monster movies and haunted houses. (I've never understood why every haunted house has this gradual escalation in intensity...you'd think some would just be more immediate in their response t

Getting It

It Comes At Night follows a family of three attempting to survive in a secluded house from a vague threat in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world. When another family desperate for help arrives at their doorstep, the dynamics of a forcibly adapted humanity drive decisions that lead to a version of life possibly worse than that which waits in the dark. It Comes At Night Review Let's just get this out of the way quick. It Comes At Night is not as original as either Efrit or I had hoped. It is a post-apocalyptic character study. It is of slower pacing, vague dread, and primarily about character development and subtle intrigue. You have seen this before with the likes of Into the Forest, The Road,

Lake Boredom

This Finnish slasher follows four friends who take a camping trip to a location famous for the slaughter of campers by an unknown perpetrator years ago. As the friends fall victim to an unknown assailant, they must determine the identity and whereabouts of the killer before they become victims themselves. Lake Bodom Review For a majority of the films we've seen from overseas (in any direction), we've been impressed by the cinematography and storytelling. There seems to be a higher priority for substance in European films, that is, when they aren't trying to breach the boundaries of human decency in the most grotesque of ways (A Serbian Film, that's a nudge at you). Lake Bodom comes across l

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