Close Encounters

The Girl With All The Gifts follows a class of youngsters who are strapped down to wheelchairs and subjected to experimentation and academics (you decide which is worse). One child, a young girl, appears to possess unusual attributes different than the other children, in that she appears to be able to suppress a zombie-like trait more easily than the other children. As chaos ensues, tough decisions are made, and the girl who is proverbially thrown from the nest must learn her own way to fly. The Girl With All The Gifts Review I wouldn't blame a soul for being sick of zombie films. With the never-ending onslaught comes the symptom of losing their appeal. The commentary they instate becomes di


Viral follows two sisters and a handful of their friends as they try to survive an outbreak of a parasite that takes over the host. When the town becomes quarantined by the military, the sisters are forced to make due with the shelter of their home as the parasite spreads through the town. Will they live long enough to...experience love for the first time??? ***SPOILERS*** Viral Review I believe the point of showing this scene is to make you wonder if one of them is indeed infected, have they just spread it to one another? The problem is that the subtlety is a bit too heavy, so instead you are left with two conflicting thoughts...are we witnessing the fall of both protagonists, or, is this m

James Cameron Syndrome

Alien: Covenant Review Alien: Covenant is the second film in the prequel trilogy designed by Ridley Scott. The plot follows the crew of the colony ship, Covenant, as it intercepts a strange transmission from a habitable planet. As they investigate the source of the transmission on the planet's surface, they discover the nefarious android David, who has been hard at work on something more sinister than the colony crew is prepared to face. The acting was certainly on-par with the performances from Prometheus (which is a compliment because the issues with Prometheus weren't on the shoulders of the actors). This is particularly surprising to me because I loved the casting of Prometheus far more


Follow tells the story of a young man who awakens to his girlfriend dead on the floor. Unsure of what happened, but seemingly the only culprit, he begins to experience overwhelming guilt as he tries to cover up her death. As reality slips away, he begins to lose his sanity. Is it all in his head or did her head just move?... ***SPOILERS IN COMIC*** Follow Review The film thrives on the guessing game that dominates the psychological chaos our protagonist endures. Did he kill her? Did she kill herself? Was he set up? Is she actually dead? Did he kill himself, or, did she kill him and this is his Hell? The mystery isn't quite captivating enough to make up for the ambiguous drop into insanity. T

Admission of Guilt

Victor Frankenstein follows an unorthodox take on the Frankenstein mythos by viewing the story through the eyes of Igor. After being freed from the shackles of the circus by Frankenstein, the mentally exquisite Igor is brought under the eccentric doctor's wing as an assistant. As their friendship grows stronger, the science that binds them begins to reveal the dark corners of Victor's personality. Is Victor a colleague of science or a masterful manipulator seeking something sinister? Victor Frankenstein Review I was surprised by how much I liked Victor Frankenstein. I frankly wasn't expecting anything of much quality from the previews. It featured two actors that I thought would play off eac

Hell Baby Review

Hell Baby follows a couple that move into an old house with a bloody history. The wife (Leslie Bibb), 9 months pregnant, begins to show signs of possession soon after moving in. The husband (Rob Corddry) is forced to combat the evil forces with the help of two action hero-like priests (Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon) and a particularly nosy neighbor (Keegan-Michael Key). Hell Baby Review The cast out-shined an above average script as they lifted something that was likely a dud to a more than watchable movie. All too often, any horror comedy not a part of the Scary Movie franchise inevitably takes itself too seriously. This movie doesn't even consider flirting with a serious thought and cho

The Disappointment

The Disappointments Room follows a family that moves into a home with a dark past (imagine that). In the attic lies a locked room that houses a morbid secret that consequently psychologically derails the mother (Kate Beckinsale). As she falls gradually into madness, she must come to terms with the room's apparitions and her own past before she loses her sanity. The Disappointments Room Review Kate Beckinsale's beauty can only do so much to carry a plot, though some may fervently disagree. I am a personal fan of the first two Underworld movies, though I'd sooner call them guilty pleasures than defend them. They made me a fan of Beckinsale, I'll admit. But I soon found that the luster she carr

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