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Fear Inc. follows a group of four friends who become unwitting subjects to a contracted service that provides intense scares that are designed to feel real. After Joe (Lucas Neff) calls the company out of curiosity, he, his girlfriend (Caitlin Stasey) and their two friends (Chris Marquette and Stephanie Drake) becomes victims of the game. As the nostalgia of their horror film-related crimes wears off, the group begins to realize that this organization may not just be playing around. [T.J. Miller moments in Cloverfield] Fear Inc. Review When you see a familiar face in a low-budget horror film, you expect them to steal the show. In the case of Fear Inc., I was expecting that person to be Chris

Murder Badge

Cub follows a band of scouts that takes a trip into the woods only to discover that a feral adolescent and his crazed but crafty father are looking to turn them into their prey. One outcast of the group has to decide whether to help his fellow troops survive, or perhaps join the demented family in their violent pursuits. Cub Review Cub is a foreign film that uses a common vehicle (scouts) to connect to pretty much every modern culture that has a similar concept in their respective society. I was surprised to see the similarities and differences in the scout troop portrayed in this film. Perhaps some or all of it was for cinema's sake, but it was a curious experience to witness. The commonali

Delivering Deja Vu

Nocturnal Animals follows a woman (Amy Adams) who receives a novel in the mail from her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal). While reading it, Adams has an existential crisis and begins to question her past decisions. The novel, an intense thriller with characters eerily similar to Adams and Gyllenhaal, pulls her through a wide range of emotions, as she begins to doubt the legitimacy of her new marriage and career. Nocturnal Animals Review This film touches on various levels of intensity and drama for just a run-of-the-mill thriller. No, it isn't as powerful as films of a similar caliber, like Gone Girl. And it isn't as disturbingly visceral as films like Deliverance. But it flirts with elements al

Apple of Mother's Eye

The Eyes of My Mother follows a young woman who befalls malicious tendencies after an extremely traumatic event as a child. Unable to properly cope with her violent past, she develops a murderous habit that can't be quenched on the secluded farm she calls home. Her disturbed perspective on life and family reaches a boiling point when her loneliness becomes the catalyst for her to take her violent desires off the property. The Eyes of My Mother Review This film proved my ignorance in my abuse of the word "unsettling" in past reviews. This film feels truly disturbing, and does most of the damage with powerful cinematography and an unbelievable job by lead actress, Kika Magalhaes. It has virtua

Evolving Tastes

Evolution follows a young boy, Nicolas, who lives on a remote island with other boys of similar age. They are cared for by a group of older women in a facility resembling an aged boarding school/hospital. The seemingly emotionless women take care of the boys with a silent, yet stern order. As Nicolas becomes increasingly curious and concerned about his environment, he begins to investigate the grounds. What he discovers is a horrific experiment for which all the boys appear to be the subjects. Evolution Review So obviously this is not the film starring David Duchovny and Julianne Moore. This is a much more enigmatic, somber and visceral tale of an island home to monsters creating monsters. T

One of Those Faces

Abattoir follows a young woman who, with the help of her smitten detective friend, traces suspicious puzzle pieces of her sister's murder to a man who collects rooms of houses that have a dark, fatal past. What is this man's obsession with haunted sections of victims' homes, and what does it have to do with the young woman's past? Abattoir Review It's worth noting that the actor in question from Abattoir, Joe Anderson, has a respectable horror and thriller resume, along with his costar and lead actress Jessica Lowndes. Anderson was in The Grey, Horns, The Crazies, Creep (2004), and the TV series Hannibal, to name a few. Lowndes had more leading roles and was in films like Altitude, Eden, Aut

Sors Immanis Hominoidea

Kong: Skull Island follows a team of explorers, scientists and soldiers in search of a mysterious, unexplored island. Upon reaching the island, they are exposed to monstrous creatures, one in particular resembles a giant ape named Kong by the local tribe. The group must survive the onslaught of monsters in order to escape the island. Along the way, their perspective on whether Kong is friend or foe is put into question and causes a strong divide in the group of survivors. Kong: Skull Island Review As goes the trend, KSI is yet another remake of a popular franchise. However, as is also the trend, this reboot is set to embark on the ambitious venture of establishing a cinematic universe center

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