Direct by Numbers

Life follows a group of astronauts that begin studying a lifeform found dormant in Mars soil samples. What begins as a sophisticated single cell quickly begins to change and grow into a powerful and lethal organism. The crew must contain or kill the creature to save their own lives, and possibly the lives of every organism on Earth. Life Review When it comes down to scifi-horror, there is no definitive amount of information that must be explained about the situation the astronauts and/or scientists find themselves in. In the great films of this sub genre, the balance of explained versus unexplained is perfect. Sadly, it varies from film to film, so it's hard to call out a film for not enough

Missed the Train

Train to Busan follows a work-obsessed father whose daughter demands to live with her mother. While on the train to drop his daughter off with his ex-wife, the train is besieged by a zombie-like outbreak. As the character smorgasbord is introduced, it becomes apparent that the zombies aren't confined to the train and that their only hope of survival may be the city of Busan. Train to Busan Review It is truly disappointing that we haven't reviewed this film till now. All we can do is apologize. Train to Busan is a wonderful piece of zombie horror that gets a lot of things right where many recent American zombie movies have gotten it wrong. If I were to steer one complaint from the hype-rdrive

Sit, Stay, Love

Pet Review Pet follows a young man (Seth, played by Dominic Monaghan) who works at an animal shelter. He becomes obsessed with an old high school crush (Holly, played by Ksenia Solo) after running into her on the bus. After a disconcerting amount of stalking that leads to failed pick-up attempts, Seth kidnaps her and holds her hostage in a cage in an abandoned storage area of the animal shelter. What ensues is a game of psychological cat and mouse as the two attempt to manipulate each other to achieve their goals. I was excited about this film because the plot sounded unique. It didn't sound like torture porn, and it didn't sound like a conventional, mundane thriller either. And thankfully,

Horse Corpse

31 Review 31 is a film by Rob Zombie that follows a group of carnival workers that are forced to participate in a deadly game for the gambling amusement of rich spectators. Placed in a maze-like warehouse, the would-be victims must survive a 12-hour onslaught of sadistic, well-armed clowns paid to slaughter them. It wasn't hard for me to conclude, in my mind, that 31 is my favorite Rob Zombie film to date. I thoroughly enjoyed the mayhem, partly because it felt more cohesive and collected than the mayhem in his other films. I doubt my opinion will carry over to other fans of Zombie's work, but it was nice to see a change of pace that didn't ease up on the chaos, but made it more clear, conci

Tooth and Claw

Logan Review Occasionally we'll take a break from the horror genre to review a particularly hyped or acclaimed film, and so is the case with Logan. Logan is the third installment of the solo films of Wolverine, the popular, gruff member of the X-Men. Played famously by Hugh Jackman in his final performance as the clawed antihero, Logan follows the mutant in a future in which most mutants are gone and Logan is left taking care of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) with the help of Caliban. After a series of events, Logan is left to protect a mysterious young girl from the clutches of a secret organization. Logan was everything anyone ever wanted out of a Wolverine movie...sans the unfortunate abse

Laughing at Nothing

The Similars Review The Similars takes place at a bus station in 1968 Mexico. Eight people are stuck in the station as unusual and foreboding events begin to take place. People in the bus station begin having seizures and then behaving strangely. As the situation spreads and escalates, the people must determine the cause of the odd scenario in order to make it through the stormy night alive. The Similars is filmed in an olden-style manner, very much in the tone and atmosphere of the 1960's Twilight Zone. In fact, much of the film feels like an elongated episode of the Twilight Zone, even a satirical representation at times. It created moments that felt unsettling and humorous at the same tim

Smorgasbord of Nasty

The Greasy Strangler Review The Greasy Strangler follows a father and son. They run a disco tour together and live together in a modest-sized home. After a woman shows up on the tour, the two begin a rivalry for her affections. All the while, there is a man covered in grease murdering people around the town. I'd write a longer synopsis, but that's pretty much it...The film spends most of its time in incredibly awkward dialogue spliced around gratuitously disgusting scenes that, sometimes, have no rhyme or reason. The delivery of this film is so dry and dead-panned that it's difficult to get through. It reminded me a lot of Rubber in its uniqueness and style, but Rubber was just a better fil

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