Macabre de Meme

Beware the Slenderman Review Beware the Slenderman is an HBO documentary that follows the true story of two girls who attempted to kill their friend for the sake of the internet-created myth of Slenderman. Using actual footage from the case and interviews with the families, psychiatrists, sociologists, and internet meme experts, this documentary details the creation and viral spread of the Slenderman mythos and its real life affects, particularly as it pertains to these two girls. Horror documentaries are actually a fairly common occurrence. However, we haven't reviewed many for various reasons (cinematic film reviews tend to get in the way). But this film was a good opportunity to catch a h

Primal Divide

Split Review I'm not sure any level of research could qualify me to determine the right side of the fence following the controversy surrounding Split. I'm not a psychiatrist and I'm not experiencing any significant mental illnesses that I am aware of. But, without meaning to sound insensitive or ignorant, I didn't feel any level or prejudice to be prominently communicated in the film. I felt a disconnect between reality and fiction at moments in the film. When the film was seemingly communicating or conveying facts in regards to dissociative identity disorder or similar mental illnesses, it felt like it was communicating them in a respectful and connective way. But any time there was a bridg

Spectral Review

Spectral Review Spectral follows an elite unit of soldiers that are dispatched to fight an assailant that seems to lack corporeal form. The soldiers must unlock the secret of their enemy in order to find a way to stop them. First off, it's always nice to know what you can expect from a horror perspective. After all, we review horror movies a majority of the time. Spectral is, at most, a thriller. It is very similar in vein to Kill Command, which we reviewed at the Telluride Horror Show. Spectral delivers a primarily scifi concept with a tinge of horror, but is otherwise an action thriller. So, don't expect much of a horror experience watching this film. In many ways, Spectral relates to the


The Bye Bye Man Review Horror has a lot of tropes. Teenagers in the woods who anger the local hillbillies/wildlife/legends. An unstoppable serial killer who is on a warpath murdering everything in sight. Even government cover-ups that are too dangerous for the people involved. There is one trope, however, that tends to set me on edge more than others. It is the idea that the more you think, talk about, or are afraid of something the more powerful it becomes. This is probably why movies like Sinister and A Nightmare On Elm Street always held a special place in my heart. The Bye Bye Man is another one of this ilk. The tag line “Don’t think it, Don’t say it” says it all. This movie follows a g

Suck a Bus

SIREN Review SIREN follows a group of men out for a bachelor party. When a member of the group decides things need to be taken to the next level, the men go to a secret location for some "special entertainment". When the bachelor releases a demonic woman with the ability to lure men into her vicious grasp, the group must survive the night. SIREN is by many accounts what you want out of a superficial horror film. And I don't mean superficial, necessary, in a bad way. I merely infer that the film makes no attempt to bring substance to the screen, but is out to give you a good time with some scares. The film never takes itself too seriously and never truly grounds itself. It manages to have an

Structural Integrity

Under the Shadow Review Highly praised throughout last year, Under the Shadow was lauded as one of the best horror films of the year. Expectations were high. The bar was at an altitude that requires an oxygen mask. In other words, it was set up for this reviewer's harsh critique...I know I tend to be more critical of films with a lot of hype or acclaim. And while I feel I approached this film with the same perspective, it did mostly escape unscathed. Under the Shadow follows a mother and her daughter as they attempt to survive a haunting in the middle of war-torn Tehran in the 1980s. While the husband is drafted to provide medical services for the military, Shideh (the mother) and Dorsa (the


Incarnate Review From time to time we all go see movies on a whim. When I saw the preview for Incarnate, I was excited to see Aaron Eckhart acting in a new horror film. I was also intrigued with the plot synopsis. In this film, Eckhart plays a mourning father who has learned the ways of an "incarnate". What is an incarnate you ask? Well it is seemingly someone who can enter a person's mind and purge the dark forces taking them over. In most cases this is a demon who is possessing the individual. He is on the hunt for a specific demon he has named Maggie, who was involved in the death of his family. He believes he has found her in a small boy, and the movie ensues from there. Incarnate was n

Efrit's Top 10 Films of 2016

Now it is time for my top ten! You know you are excited. We had quite a few overlaps, but that is mostly because they were movies we saw together. The difference you will notice is that Sickle spends way more time on Netflix than I do! I really had a great time seeing horror this year. And as you can tell by most of the "year in review" articles you will see, 2016 is a great year for horror. So without further ado, check out my faves! 1. Clown We were able to see Clown a bit before it came out this year and I have been showing it to everyone I possibly can. I like the lore. I like the taboo. I like the progression. Everything about this film is why I love horror. It has so much to be afraid

Light Switching

Lights Out Review Lights Out follows an estranged daughter (Rebecca) who returns home to care for her half-brother (...or step-brother...or brother-brother...I can't remember...), Martin, after he begins having insomnia following a traumatic experience with their mother and an apparition. When Rebecca recalls a similar malevolent force when she was younger, she tries to save her family from the horror that plagued her as a child. Lights Out was based on the short story of the same name. Arguably one of the most effective scares in recent short film history, it was a pleasant surprise to see it pick up funding for a full-length feature. It was also concerning, since there is literally no stor

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