Mercy Me

Mercy Review Netflix just recently put up Mercy, a home invasion horror (more-so thriller) film from writer and director Chris Sparling. And while Netflix has an outstanding record of shelling out fantastic original content in the serial television department, their original cinema programming is often left wanting. I can't recall a Netflix original film I have fully appreciated whereas I'd have to go to my undead toes to count the TV programs I've adored. Mercy, unfortunately, did not buck the trend. Mercy follows four estranged brothers (two sets of half-brothers) and the father of two of the young men as they seemingly care for their dying mother and bicker over her estate. As they myster

Who's There?

Knock Knock Review Erotic thrillers aren't exactly my cup of tea, but I'm also not one to avoid a Keanu Reeves thriller of any kind, especially when it pops up on a streaming service for free. To call Keanu Reeves a B-list actor does seem harsh...but, I think I am willing to defend that ranking, despite my love for most films featuring the actor. Knock Knock follows a man who is pulled into a game of cat and mouse with two young women who seduce him and frame him. With his wife and children away, Reeves must find a way out of the situation that he believes blurs the line of fault. I wouldn't consider this film to be towards the top of the list of Reeves films. At times he seemed to be coasti

The Fuzz

Wolfcop Review Wolfcop follows an alcoholic police officer in a small, crime-ridden town who falls victim to a ritualistic practice and is turned into a werewolf. Despite is newfound animalistic appearance and behavior, the aptly named wolfcop becomes a violent avatar for justice. But can he stop the crime spree that has swept his city before the cult members of the ritual come to reap what they've sown? Sometimes our comic strip just doesn't convey the true feelings we had for a film. While I referred to Wolfcop as a "steaming pile of crap", I still would happily eat it from a cereal bowl. In other words, the film's balanced self-awareness of its premise allowed it to shine in all the right


Into the Forest Review Into the Forest follows two sisters (Ellen Page and Even Rachel Wood) as they attempt to survive in their secluded home amidst an apocalyptic scenario in which electricity has suddenly become non-existent and gasoline is scarce. The subtly impending doom builds as the months pass without signs of a return to normality, and the sisters must learn to cope and survive in the new reality. Into the Forest doesn't flirt much with the thriller genre, let alone the horror genre. I wasn't expecting a quickly paced film by any means, but the dramatic elements were more so the nucleus of this film than any other genre. Having said that, the film has its moments, and for what it w

Interdimensional Cock-Blocking

Ouija: Origin of Evil Review Hey there everyone! Sometime finding time to see new movies is difficult for Sickle and I. getting out of hell, finding monetary funds in order to pay for tickets. You would think that a Demon and serial killer wouldn’t have issues with it but alas we don’t get to see new films that often. Recently I found the time to see Ouija: Origin of Evil. I was excited for this film for a two reasons. The director is Mike Flanagan. He also directed films such as Hush, Oculus, and a personal favorite of ours around here, Absentia. It was promoted on the NoSleep Podcast. If you don’t know what this is, go check them out here and see their Ouija promotion! Mike and his wife Ka

Tongue Twister

Carnage Park Review Carnage Park follows a woman who is terrorized by various men for an hour and a half...To be more specific, she is held hostage by two men in a getaway car after a botched robbery, then must survive the onslaught of a maniac with a scoped rifle. Chaos ensues. Carnage Park had the workings of a grindhouse original straight from the get-go, wasting no time establishing a grainy film texture, sporadic camera movements and cuts, and over-the-top characters and behavior. It plays like a live-action cartoon for the adult horror crowd with a little bit of Natural Born Killers influence sprinkled in for good measure. The film has a surprisingly unique feel to it, though on the su

A Model Scorned

The Neon Demon Review The Neon Demon follows a [very] young woman as she pursues a modelling career that leads her down a dark path of discovery of herself and the industry she desperately wants to be a part of. The greed and conceit of true beauty proves to be the ugliest thing of all as she attempts to survive the physical and psychological onslaught of slightly older and envious rivals. While generally well-received amidst the intellectual niche of the horror community, I found Neon Demon to be a cinematic contradiction. While on its shell it would seem to be an original and fascinating premise, the film feels like a perfect blend of a trio of movies we've already seen. It didn't take lon

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