Deathly Quiet

The Dead Room Review I'll be honest, here...I become like a 50-year old desperate housewife when I hear an Australian/New Zealander speak. They have that effect on me. And perhaps it is my weakness to their accents that I find myself immediately attached to their films. And perhaps that is why The Dead Room was able to retain my attention for as long as it did. The Dead Room follows a group of researchers that try to determine the validity behind a haunted farmhouse that literally scared away its previous occupants. The team's determination grows exponentially and in parallel with the paranormal happenings of the house. As they battle the logic between scientific research and paranormal pers

Toys R Us Kids

Most Likely to Die Review Most Likely to Die follows a group of high school friends-turned-young adults who are meeting for their school reunion. They have to deal with the fact that none of them actually grew up, while also being murdered by a graduation gown-donning psychopath who may very well be one from their own clique. Most Likely to Die had so much promise. The premise is actually quite clever, but instead of keeping it light and an obvious satire, the director either failed to maintain the humor, or it wasn't intended to be so. Both are equally disappointing. The acting is downright awful, but that wasn't unexpected. Films like these are usually carried by their satire of the craft

Scout's Honor

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Review Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse follows a trio of boy scouts as they try to survive the night in their town overrun by the undead. The zombie horror comedy has been beaten to undeath, but part of the reason that they keep getting made is that they fulfill most of the criteria casual horror fans are looking for; humor, gore, and the occasional scare. This film has virtually no legitimate scares, but it definitely delivers on the gore and humor, often together. The film spends most of its cultural and moral commentary on the slowly-dying boy scout organization due to the cultural shift that such extracurriculars limit your popularity and socia

Rat Burgers

Preview Reviews: Rats, The Eyes of My Mother, Another Evil Tonight we wanted to do a Preview Review series on a few feature films coming up at the always-incredible Telluride Horror Show. These films, as well as the Horror Show, should be a fantastic spectacle to satisfy our horror-craving hearts. Rats Trailer Super Size Me taught us that Morgan Spurlock can make anything horrific. So what can he do with a topic that already gives a portion of the populace the goosebumps and spine-tingleys? Well, if this trailer is any indication, this documentary will leave you squeamish and unable to eat for a basically, Super Size Me with four legs and fur. The Eyes of My Mother Trailer This fil

Telluride Horror Show 2016 Preview: First Wave

Our most coveted event of the year has to be the Telluride Horror Show, which will be happening this year October 14th through the 16th. The venue, in combination with fantastic film selections, makes THS a highly anticipated event for Efrit and I. Today we got a taste of what this film festival is bringing to the party, and we're going to break down a few of our favorites of the upcoming slate. Feature Films: Man Underground This film follows a paranoid, socially disconnected geologist as he recruits some friends to help him make an autobiographical film on his life, which involves his broken marriage, interaction with aliens, and inevitable loss of his sanity. The plot sounds like it may b

Lost Count

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension Review The Paranormal Activity films really start to blend together, and not in a healthy "progressing the story"-type of way. It becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate the films with every consecutive entry into the series, the one exception being The Marked Ones. Ghost Dimension, on the other hand, follows the trend of the other films in the series, riding the wave of the conventional model the franchise operates through. What we get is a family in a new house, an excuse to set up cameras throughout the house, a gradual increase in paranormal events, and an eventual climax in which our protagonists meet their doom for their inability to heed th

The Forest for the Tropes

The Forest Review The Forest follows a woman who travels to Japan to investigate the disappearance of her twin sister in the infamous Aokigahara forest, known for housing an irregular number of suicides. In reality, the Aokigahara forest, despite its very haunting reputation outside of context, is more of a morbid commentary on Japanese culture than it is any supernatural happenings. Having said that, it is the perfect setting for a horror movie...should it be done right. Instead, what we get is a repetitive formula of mainstream horror that gives us literally nothing new. I feel like it's the same ol' soapbox bashing on the same style of movie, but it simply is history repeating itself. The

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