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Sickle & Efrit

the unhallowed reviewers

Upon his execution for multiple murder convictions, Victor Sickle found himself in the front seat on the bus to Hell. The driver, a recently demoted demon by the name of Efrit, struck up a friendship with the cold-hearted scythe-wielding sociopath on the long trip to the underworld. Both convinced that better paths lay ahead for the pair, they approached Satan himself to strike a deal. A return to the living in exchange for a single request from the Prince of Darkness.


They both could return to the surface if they reviewed horror movies and reported back to Hell on their quality. The Devil, like anyone else, can appreciate a good scare.


Upon shaking hands with the Devil, the fiendish friends were bound to a life of horror films. The good...the bad...and the terrifying.





Victor Sickle lacks charisma and other social niceties, but he makes up for it with his stabbing skills. Awkward and schizophrenic, Sickle finds little connection in the world beyond the horror films he holds dearly. Sickle prefers the classics and finds psychological and body horror to be his genres of choice.

A once proud possessor of a Kardashian soul, Efrit was demoted to nether realm public transport when he lost the soul in a game of table tennis with Michael the archangel. A red teddy bear with a short fuse, Efrit looks for any opportunity to do nothing all day but watch horror films. If only some unforeseen circumstances could land him in the perfect situation…Modern horror tickles his horns, while he finds solace in his complexion amidst creature features.

The woman known as “Final Girl” recently joined Sickle and Efrit following an incident in which she was charged in the murder of a serial killer and sentenced to the chair when her self-defense case fell through due to the ineptitude of her lawyer. Enduring a long list of experiences with surviving slashers, Final Girl became desensitized from the horror experience. Now joining Sickle and Efrit on their cinematic exploration, Final Girl is searching for the scariest movies possible to satisfy her craving for a fun, fear-inducing film.

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